Will PSO2 New Genesis land on Nintendo Switch? Sep-23-2021

With the PSO2 New Genesis finally coming out, a common question in everyone's mind is, will we see popular MMOs land on the Nintendo Switch series? A franchise, which is very popular in Japan, finally decided to appear in the western region of the world and issue it globally. The original "Phantasy Star Online 2" did pass, but it took a few years, and most of the content has been released in the East. This time, we can experience all the glory of the game from the beginning, why can't we choose to do this while traveling. Let's see if PSO2 New Genesis will land on Switch.

Will PSO2 land on Nintendo Switch?

The thing is, PSO2 New Genesis has actually launched a very successful console. However, not here. The Switch version is only available in Japan, as is the PSO2 base game. For some time, people in these areas can log in to games from their portable platforms. Although all of us are salivating for similar things, in fact we did receive hints about the possible launch of the Switch in the West. However, these claims are just rumors and speculations, and there is no actual Switch release in the end.

As of now, there is no possibility of an announcement for Nintendo Switch in the world. If we combine the bits and pieces here and there, you can say that there are some hints about it, but based on the previous decision, we probably didn't get any hints. But there is a problem. PSO2 New Genesis was released at the same time, all over the world, compared with Phantasy Star 2 it is also here. The only way to really help this become a reality is to actually show in the game that we want this to happen. An active player base and high income from microtransactions will be the main factors, so let us all pray and wait patiently for this highly sought-after version.