The world of "PSO2 New Genesis" expanding in the new region! Jan-29-2022

The "NGS" update in December last year was the first major update since the service started. The long-awaited main story Chapter 2 is delivered. In addition to the addition of PSO2 NGS Meseta new adventure areas (regions), the level caps for occupations (classes) have also been released.

Basic play It is possible to play for free, and the model is compatible with "PlayStation 4", "Windows PC" and "Nintendo Switch".

"NGS" has renewed the game system, story, graphic engine, etc. of "PSO2". Although the appearance of the character can be inherited, all players will start from level 1, so it is a player-friendly specification to start from now on.

Players start from space with a descent pod, landing on the planet "Harfa". The "starwalkers" have no previous memories, and it is full of mysteries as to who they are and what they came down for. However, the story of choosing to coexist with the kind "Harfa" people, becoming "Arcs" who fights against the unknown life form "Dolls" that threatens people, and adventuring in the vast world. The setting of science fiction set in space is the same as the world view of "PSO2".

I will start with character creation as soon as possible. The part that can be set is finer than expected. It will be a long relationship, so we will create a unique original character. You can set not only the contour of the face and hair color, but also the body shape to your liking. I feel that there are endless possibilities to adjust the gloss and calf of the skin.

By the way, this is the completed child. How is it, blue is shining and attractive?

It's okay if you feel like "I want to change" during the game. You can change it later by going to the "esthetic" shop.

Choosing a profession called a "class" is also important. How to deal damage, skills, weapons that can be used, etc. will differ, so I would like to carefully choose from eight "classes". However, the author, who is a "bad game" at a level that should not be an e-sports writer, chose the "hunter" recommended by beginners by stopping thinking. It is a wonderful profession that is strong against being hit, is not easily damaged, has a wide range of attacks, and is good at avoiding.

It's finally on the battlefield. That said, I was relieved to have enough tutorials before actually being thrown into the field. It's easy to operate, so even clumsy people can enjoy exhilarating action.

I think the speedy combat action is good, but my favorite is the aerial gliding action called "glide". It's relaxing and fun to get off from a high place in the mood of Mary Poppins.