The Retem area of PSO2 is a gorgeous fusion of new adventures and fan service Dec-24-2021

The new Retem desert area in "Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis" has arrived. CBR and Alyssa experienced the new huge area together. Alyssa is a member of the PSO2 NGS community team. She shared with us some secrets of Retem and gained insight into the future of New Genesis. According to the new roadmap, there are many leading players' ways, although not all have been revealed yet. In the past six months, the development team and PSO2 NGS Meseta community team of New Genesis must have heard the emotions of the players, and now there are many reasons to make Photon Glide come back.

The Retham area is a vast desert, canyons and steep cliffs, with metal fragments and ancient technology highlighted in the rocks. It has a beautiful skyline, which can be obscured by red sandstorms, and ring phenomena and meteor showers can be clearly seen. Of course, a new region also means more stories can be enjoyed and new characters can meet, which players have been waiting for. However, as our guide shows, there is more.

We first headed to one of the new Cocoons in the north of the area. As the upper level limit is increased to 35, new cocoons can gain skill points from it. In most cases, they follow the same style as Aelio, but add some additional challenges and some new features. According to Alyssa, these new challenges are just the beginning. The Super Challenge mission is scheduled to take place in April, although there are no more details other than the name. However, world trials and more trials are coming. "The world trial will begin on the 22nd," Alyssa explained, "Aelio will get a harder combat zone version later in the spring. Therefore, Aelio will soon be refreshed by more powerful enemies." Spend in Retem Returning to Aelio after a while is refreshing, thanks to the obvious difference in settings, but it will only make players more motivated to return.

The Cocoon we entered allows us to fight wave after wave of enemies and let Alyssa show off a new wind-based power technology, Zan Gale. This is one of the three new technologies added to the game, the other two are Grants Glitter, a light attack and Megid Sphere, a dark attack. We also have to fight some new DOLLS for Retem, including a new mini-boss called Kelkundo, with kicks similar to Jet Boot. Players may recognize some enemies in Retem, such as Mumidogs. Our guide even pointed out a hidden Easter egg. "...Some people have noticed this. I don't know if it is the enemy [Mumidogs], but for one of them, they used the roar of the original Phantasy Star Online."

This is not the only healthy Easter egg. In Aelio, players can hear the tunes of the old game in several places, and the Retem area also has its own place. We headed to the top of the Pyramid of Retem, where we heard the tune of the Sega Master System from the planet Motavia of Phantasy Star. At the highest point of Retem City, we heard the theme of the desert planet Moatoob in the Phantasy Star Universe. Sometime in February, more music will be introduced in the game, including the new feature of Mag Music Disc player. This will allow players to play music from their Mag when they are off the court, and may include music that already exists in the player's jukebox from PSO2. Mags also has a new sonar feature that allows players to track things such as collection points and boxes.