The PSO2 release on July 4 cannot be run on the PSO2 official website Jun-30-2020

The North American version hosts "Phantasy Star Online 2" and the middle class. When there is a happy person in his life at the same time, he is happy enough, and then there will be a real existence. According to reports, the July 4 release will not run on the PSO2 official website. It takes only one day until July 22, 2020.

However, it may not be a one-month course. For example, by July 22, you can see samples of PSO2 water purification trees and Christmas trees on the ship, including fireworks.

Some elements take longer. What's new and popular is that people have sent messages to commemorate and applied for the 2020 prize. Women's clothing, clothing, and some of Sam Uncle's light meal clothing have purchased Sam Uncle's clothing to participate in all men's competitions and accessories for all women's competitions with afternoon power. You can drink some food, berry pie. Delivery, fire and dance 10% + 50 Trivost, including fire service. In the VR simulation, the VR function dating back to 1776 is not common. This function captures the Charville weapon camera with 13 Hautenka half stars, 13 star-like butterfly satellites, and rainbows.

In all cases where the importance is not high, it represents July 1-8, 2020. This brings everyone a profit and a 50% income level

North American Xbox 360 and PC have stories online.

The fourth part of the memory starts in August 2020, and the PSO2 Meseta in 2019 is "8 years".