The new Genesis seems to be a much-needed updated version of PSO2 Dec-31-2020

Sega Japan recently released a new application called Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. In the video entitled "PSO2 New Genesis Prologue 1" In it, PSO2 navigator Hiro Arai revealed more information about the game and its gameplay and PSO2 Meseta. The audience learned the similarities with PSO2, how the game works, and even part of the story next year can be experienced by players. The elements of Japan's closed beta have also been revealed.

The New Genesis seems to be a much-needed updated version of PSO2. The gameplay is the same, but the performance has been improved, new content has been added and the mechanism has been simplified. The closed version will be released within the next month, so those who successfully pass the test through the app will be able to test some basic knowledge, despite restrictions on stores and weapons.

A new phenomenon is on the planet Halpha, where ARKS is jointly fighting the unknown enemy DOLLS. These DOLLS come from outside the earth, and it is unclear how or why ARKS got into trouble. A person named Meteorn is also very friendlyand also fell from the sky, although they are friendly, many people choose to join ARKS, this is where the player character enters. Meteorn doesn't have much memory of his past life or where he came from, but when players find more information about themselves, they may recover this information.

The new Genesis prologue video also shows more about classes and battles, finally revealing what else will be available at the beginning of the game. So far, there will be hunters, rangers, troops, tech, gunners and fighter jets. The role of each class is almost the same as the current PSO2, but the combat speed is faster, it has a better combo system, and it is usually upgraded to be smoother while eliminating the annoying part.

Subcategories and reverse categories will also return, the latter will gain more degrees of freedom. In "New Genesis", players must adjust their weapons to reverse the level, but this will allow them to use all sub-level skills, making it more feasible.