Sega will update "Phantasy Star Online 2" on November 25 Nov-22-2020

Sega will update "Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2)" on November 25, and update "Part3-2" on December 2.

Rappy greets you in the lobby. The delivery time of the "Thanksgiving Hall" is from November 25 to December 16. In Japan, this is an unknown word, but in North America, this event is to commemorate Thanksgiving. The hall offers classic Thanksgiving dishes and rappy dressed as turkey. In addition, Tucky Rappy will appear as a time-limited enemy, and a time-limited "Ceremo Nau" will also appear.

The final mission of "Final Battle: Time and Space" is now available for 1 person. The Final Battle: Time and Space" is a person's ultimate pursuit. The content of the mission is the same type as "Area Survey: Remnants of Different Worlds", and it is a one-on-one battle with [Primitive Darkness] Sodam. Clear it every time," "Depth" will increase, and the difficulty will increase accordingly. The higher the depth, the stronger the enemy, and the more attacks you use. You can clear up to 2 times a day, and the maximum depth is 100.

The high-light drop items are 7 kinds of weapon camouflage. The "Invade" series, "Off Steer" series, "Zeinesis" series, "Cliffad" series and "Light Trail Zion" series will be displayed as a variety of compatible weapon camouflage respectively. "* Ratnas Nobile" and "* Ratnas Finato" are new spear and sword weapon camouflage. Both designs are the same, but the former is white and the latter is black.

At some point, you may get luxurious items such as "S1 Additional R: Goblin Power 2". This is the first obvious reward that can make you spend less on PSO2 Meseta, so let us actively challenge a bit.

The weapon camouflage "coat" series can be combined into one. Each weapon camouflage "court" series delivered in the past corresponds to a weapon type. It is now possible to create compound weapon camouflage from the "Court" series! The required items are as follows. Since the design itself has not changed, it can be said that all the hard-to-obtain bonus items of the "coat" series have been collected.

The 100-level course was finally released. Finally, the highest level is 100. There is no requirement to release the upper limit of the liquid level. In addition, "Solution PA Inventory Cap Extension Test III" has been added to Coffey's customer orders. The condition for satisfying this customer order is to obtain the title obtained by setting the four categories to Lv.100.

Revive AC Scratch to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of "Hydra". Scratch will be resurrected on November 27 to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of its sister work "Hydra Fantastic Star Saga". The avatar items of major characters such as Yuri and Stella will be redistributed. In addition, as new items, hairstyles and lobbying actions have been added to reproduce the appearance of Matoi's Fortune Branch. The lobbying behavior corresponds to the reflection of the long cane weaponry.