Sega will update Phantasy Star Online 2 on March 3 Feb-27-2021

On March 3, Sega updated the online RPG program "Phantasy Star Online 2, which reads "Past and Future, Connection Time Part 3-2".

Here, we introduce the 20th anniversary of "PSO" and the new emergency mission "Arcs Ship Flame Vortex".

An event to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the release of the Dreamcast version "PSO" will be held. Ash and Killiek, who originally appeared in "PSO", and Rico, the main character of the story, will appear in the lobby for a limited time until March 31. By completing customer orders for 3 people, you can get rewards such as the camouflage weapon "*Double Saver Legacy".

During the event, the permanent task "Cleaning Operation: Like a Dream" will be performed. This is a tribute to the "Like a Dream" implemented in "PSO", which consists of 4 areas: forest, volcanic cave, underground tunnel and ruins. The BGM during the mission uses "PSO" music. Ash and Killiek will also appear in the Cooperative E trial.

There is also a difficult trigger task in this task. The regular version has more than 12 players, and the trigger version has more than 4 players. In addition, it has a 6-zone structure, which makes it challenging.

The "Weapon Badge 2021" obtained from the permanent mission "Muge no Gotoku" can be exchanged for various items. Another colorful version of the "Fruxio" series★ In addition to the "Linzer" series with 15 weapons, many items or PSO2 Meseta can be obtained in past events and campaigns.

The difficulty UH has been added to the limited-time emergency mission "Arcs Ship Flame Vortex" and reappears. At the difficulty level UH, the content of the mission will be updated, and enemies matching the flame image will appear.

In the search process, in addition to the original version of BGM "Burning Hearts~Flame ANGEL~", two new songs were added. The cover version of Daisuke Ono, who plays the protagonist "Gray" in the anime "PSO2 Episode Oracle", and the English version of Takenobu Sanno will be added. At the beginning of the mission, it will randomly decide which song to play.

In addition, the only new item limited to this mission is the weapon camouflage "*Red Zan", which is set as an electronic trial reward. Although it has nothing to do with emergency missions, within a limited time, the rappy that appears on the scene will become "eleph rappy". "Eleph Rappy" was only released in Asia in the past, so if you miss this opportunity, you may never see it again!