SEGA updated its online role-playing show "Phantasy Star Online 2" on July 21 Jul-24-2020

SEGA updated the online role-playing show "Phantasy Star Online 2 (here PSO2)" in "ARKS CONNECT MEMORIES Part 2" on July 21.

In addition to the second half of the 8th anniversary online event of "PSO2" in this update, ultra-hard difficulty (UH) has been added to the mission to depict the death of powerful enemies in the natural world. In addition, you can fully enjoy the release and content of the first movie of the season.

The live event "ARKS CONNECT MEMORIES" has done its best to provide cheap PSO2 Meseta in the past eight years, and the short-term goal is "employee training has started, rationing rate has started. There are 12 participants in VR training, participants are considered to have participated in Photoner Battleship.

He was designed for crossing the abyss, traveling along three selected paths in five places, waiting for the powerful Grave Execle.

The emergency function "Shadow of Fury" is added to activate the UH functions "T: Shadow of Angry Attack" and "T: Shadow of Destruction".

This is a difficult task, and only the popular main category can challenge a small portion of more than 85%. New features and powerful "fake rhapsody characters" have been added.

In "T: Image into a tragic ruin" UH, a level 100 "black appearance figure" was found. In the sky and the darkest darkness!