Sega released a new "PSO2: New Genesis" to the world Sep-27-2020

Sega released a new "PSO2: New Genesis" to the world. MMORPG will serve as an independent overhaul of its popular predecessor, because in 2017, PSO2: New Genesis demonstrated countless combat power and open world capabilities at the recent Tokyo Game Show. The new title stems from the need to replace the aging "Fantasy Star Online" 2. New Genesis is a completely independent game, not a major overhaul.

At this year's E3 conference, Sega announced a new Genesis. People think this is a graphical overhaul of PSO2. At the same time, Phantasy Star Online 2 has flowed westward eight years after its release in Japan. Sega clarified that PSO2: NG is a new independent title. It will be affected when the content of the game is migrated from the old game to the new game. limit. For example, buy PSO2 Meseta. Even so, fans are still happy to release a new version.

Now, Sega has proved his strength through new battles. This 40-minute video creates a dramatic atmosphere. The game looks the same as the next-generation game title: "In the new Genesis, we will see a bigger world." In the previous PSO2, each area was an independent closed space. However, in New Genesis, you can move seamlessly between regions.

In addition, future updates will enable you to reach more locations, but eventually you can be anywhere on the website. When you enter the game, there are hundreds of people sitting in the lobby. "Whether it is day or night, the entire world will have a large number of functions, including weather and day/night cycles. In order to improve mobility, players can sprint or slide, and can use all healing items. There are also expedition and combat departments in the world.

PSO2: New Genesis not only shows its overflow. He also expressed his fighting ability and what people can expect. First, there are three categories that will enter the game when activated. The hunter is a melee occupation in the game, while the ranger is a long-range shooting class. On the other hand, the Force is the curse of the champion. Like any MMORPG, enemies will be randomly generated on the battlefield, and up to 7 other players will get the same information. The enemy will have basic weaknesses, which are easy to exploit.

Sega announced the full details of "PSO2: New Genesis", but the initial release date is unclear. However, this game is set for 2021.