Sega released a new design for the PSO2 New Genesis DOLLS enemy Jan-17-2021

Sega and Phantasy Star Online 2 released an exciting new design for the PSO2 New Genesis DOLLS enemy.

The new armored beast is Goloron, which will cause trouble for some players, perhaps due to the loss of PSO2 Meseta. The official Twitter account has released regular updates for the upcoming basic game overhaul.

Players have to use directed attacks to knock down Goloron. Although the heavy and strong beast does have a weakness, it will not be hurt from the front. However, the following tweet about the enemy of PSO2 New Genesis DOLLS released a strategy to defeat it head-on.

The official Twitter account will regularly update the PSO2 New Genesis DOLLS announcement. I recently saw new enemies fighting with weapons: Pedas Sword and Pedas Gun. As this tweet points out, there seems to be a common feature between all DOLLS changing from blue to red.

Since the release of "Phantasy Star Online 2", "Phantasy Star Online 2" has made considerable progress worldwide. The game will be released on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch (via the cloud) and PC in Japan in 2021. In addition, the game will be available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S worldwide. Sega is currently undergoing internal testing.