Sega brings the latest news of "Phantasy Star Online 2" Sep-21-2020

Sega brings us the latest news about "Phantasy Star Online 2." What’s better than Tokyo’s games?

Next Friday, there will be a large-scale "Fantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis" program. Sega will showcase the first gameplay of this refurbished PSO2. It starts at 5 a.m. Pacific time on September 25.

If you missed the July announcement, New Genesis is a complete inspection of PSO2. New engine, better visual effects, new technology, more detailed character creation system and more PSO2 Meseta, now the character's fingers can move; this is an important task. If I have more accurate emphasis formatting options, I will use them.

However, New Genesis cannot replace PSO2. The two will exist side by side, which means players can switch between the new version and the old version. Everything is interesting and fully functional, and the account has full functionality between PSO2 and New Genesis, and you can always choose whichever one you want to jump into.

New Genesis will be released on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X around 2021. It will be used on PC, PS5 and Switch in Japan. Like basic PSO2, "New Genesis" will be provided for free.