Sega announced its MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2 crossover event Feb-16-2021

Sega announced its MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2 crossover event. Starting February 17, 2021, players will get PSO2 costumes, accessories and other items inspired by the classic anime "Space Battleship Yamato". To get them, you need to get Cosmo Fleet Heroes AC Scratch tickets.

In a post on the game's official website, Sega reminded everyone to pay attention to the similarities between PSO2 and animation. It is said that the ARKS activists have similar struggles with the humans on the Yamato space battleship.

The story of the space battleship Yamato tells the story of humans fighting an alien enemy named Gamilas. The initial animation was not successful, but the later film releases rekindled people’s interest. In the end, it was adapted as "Interstellar Trailblazers", suitable for American audiences.

In the space battleship Yamato Aesthetic is accepted in a variety of ways in the space fleet of PSO2, there are many types of tickets, each corresponding to a different game currency, consumption of ARKS Cash, Star Gems or FUN Points can give players a chance Earn PSO2 Meseta from multiple sets of items. These items include various uniforms inspired by outerwear, basic uniforms that are reminiscent of the design of performance characters, interiors, CAST parts, tattoos and Captain Okita Beard. New furniture is also provided in the set.

The Phantasy Star Online2 Space Battleship Yamato ended on February 23, the event ended, PSO2 in 2021 can be used for PC and Xbox a global and Japanese Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. A recent presentation highlighted some new improvements, which will be the near ninety-year-old game in the future.