PSO2: Xbox One Launch Apr-17-2020

The moment you have been waiting for is finally here, Axe! One of Japan's largest online action role-playing games, "Fantasy Star Online 2" has finally reached North America through Xbox One. Fantasy Star Online 2 completed the public beta test and was fully launched on April 14, 2020, first on Xbox One. Gather your friends and engage in endless explorations on countless planets while fighting against the threat of Falspawn!

New France Cafe

Dream Star 2 is about to usher in the cherry blossom season and bring a new look to the famous Franca Cafe! Some ARKS Ship areas in PSO2 will periodically change their appearance. Perhaps you can see more exciting pictures than cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta.

Urgent inquiries and tips

Join up to 11 other agents to conduct unforgettable multi-party raids! These urgent tasks can happen at any time or at a scheduled time. You will always see them in these two weeks:

Urgent task: Cunning Blackwing Vanguard and False Champion: Fallen Luther (60 minutes).

Live performance: Quna (10 minutes).

ARKS Operatives can also face multiple emergency missions randomly throughout the day. The urgent task "Cunning Black Wing Vanguard" was followed by a surprise operation "False Champion: Fallen Luther".

Exchanges and interesting tickets

Play Scratch Lottery and win amazing game prizes! Depending on the currency used, there are multiple scratch ticket types, including ARKS Cash (AC), Star Gems (SG) and FUN points.

AC Scratch Ticket: Hero Rovers

With the launch of Heroic Wanderer AC Scratch Ticket, our ever-increasing catalog of clothing and accessories continues to increase! Published on: April 14th (after maintenance). Ends on: May 12 (at the beginning of maintenance).

Price (per ticket): 200 AC.

FUN Scratch tickets: April 2020 – Part 1

Collect FUN points and exchange them for various rewards, including FUN Scratch tickets! Play these games and have access to accessories, furniture, emojis, etc.! Release date: April 14 (after maintenance). Ends on: April 28 (at the beginning of maintenance). Price (per ticket): 100 FUN.

Special combination

Don't miss the Sonic Collaboration Edition and Ragol Edition bundle! They provide great value for those who are just staring at their Dream Star Online 2 adventure, which provides some convenient and decorative items to enhance the experience!

Sonic Collaboration Edition: There is still time to become the founder of Phantasy Star Online 2 through the Sonic Collaboration Edition bundle. These include several items inspired by SEGA's legendary icon Sonic the Hedgehog, in addition to inventory / storage expansion items, 30-day premium service, experience enhancers, scratch tickets and more! Price: $ 59,99.

Lager Edition: Celebrate the legend of "Dream Star Online 2" with Ragol Edition, which includes 10 kinds of Ragol Memory items, which can be exchanged for PSO-related clothing, Mag Devices, accessories, etc.! Price: $ 29,99.

The above two combinations are limited to one purchase per account. Ragol fashion bags can be used for multiple purchases.

In addition, Windows 10 players do not have to wait longer, the game will be officially launched on the platform in late May 2020! If you want to buy PSO2 Meseta, this site is an excellent choice for you, because it can save you money.