PSO2 will showcase Yakuza's products: "Dragon" and other SEGA games May-04-2021

SEGA announced in a note that the next batch of scratch tickets (actually loot boxes) for "Pantasy Star Online 2" is "Sega Legacy Collection II". They include items from Yakuza: Like Dragon, Space Channel 5, Seventh Dragon (2 and 3), Glorious Crossing Crusade and Border Breakthrough.

Like other memo tickets provided by "Phantasy Star Online 2", these items are also divided into accessories, clothes, facial expressions or hair. The official PSO2 blog provides a complete list of PSO2 Meseta all projects.

Considering that "Phantasy Star Online 2" is already an "old game", SEGA has even done a good job of converting certain items into MMO aesthetics, especially Yakuza franchise items. Although I am not a big fan of the Scratch Tickets system, I am at least more "honest" than other games. I often play MMO, but I didn't spend a dime on Scratch Tickets.

Please don't spend your entire credit card on 120 Scratch tickets to get more experience. not worth it. Let me reiterate: there is no big problem with playing free games, but avoid getting caught up in antics to draw money.

In any case, the trailer below provides a straw for the items that will appear. The "Sega Legacy Collection II" event will continue until June 2.