PSO2 will launch its 8th anniversary event on September 23 Sep-11-2020

Sega will start its service on PC/PS4/Switch/Overseas Xbox One in 2021, and the MORPG's “PSO2 STATION” of “Phantasy Star Online 2” will be broadcast on September 8, and will officially broadcast “PSO2 New”. We announce that the latest update of "Genesis" will be released at 9 AM on September 25.

This year, the official Sega Atlas "Sega Atlas TV" program will start on Friday, September 25 (the third day of the event) at the "Tokyo Game Show 2020" online at 9pm. The latest update about "PSO2 New Genesis" in "Unprecedented Mega Update" will be released. Detailed information will be published on the "SEGA Atlas TGS2020 Online Special Website" in the future.

In addition, in the program broadcast today, the update is scheduled to be carried out after mid-September. The follow-up report on the new emergency mission "Shipbreak Training: The Last Wail" for 12 people is scheduled to start in mid-October. Marvelous has announced that its collaboration with the action game "Senran Kagra" series will be held in November.

In addition, "PSO2" will launch the third reward period of its 8th anniversary event "ARKS CONNECT MEMORIES" on September 23. Rewards will be given, such as item enhancement or PSO2 Meseta, this will be the best time to strengthen weapons and units.