PSO2 week announcement Apr-03-2020

April is here, let's take a look at some special days of the week: Do you want to get enough rewards in Distribution Day to buy your favorite clothes in the city, and then attend a huge party on PSO2 Day?

CBT Rewards: Distribution Day!

After regular maintenance on March 31, operators will be able to collect their closed beta test rewards on Visiphone! Have you fought yourself with these urgent missions to suppress the threat of Falspawn with tenacity and bravery? ARKS is then ready for your recognition and is eager to pay tribute to those who respond to the call to action!

When you complete four urgent tasks, after regular maintenance on March 31, you can visit Visiphone and collect rewards in the "Receive Campaign Items". That's it! Your item should now be in stock!

AC Scratch Ticket: Urban Lifestyle

The latest collection of North American AC Scratch tickets launched on March 31, shouldn't you miss it? PSO2 North American public beta testing is currently in progress. PSO2's second AC Scratch ticket series, URBAN LIFESTYLE, you can show off these street clothes at the next Quan concert, or enter the casino in a stylish way!

Depending on the currency used, there are many types of scratch tickets, including ARKS Cash (AC), Star Gems (SG) and FUN Points. Click here for quick instructions on note tickets! Buy AC Scratch tickets and you have the chance to get special items including clothes, accessories, and accessories!


Signing an AC Scratch ticket gives you the opportunity to get clothing, accessories or consumables. Check the news on the official website to learn what you can get by buying tickets from the Urban Urban Collection!

Release date: March 31 (after maintenance). Ends: May 5 (at the beginning of maintenance).

Price (per ticket): 200 AC.

You will receive special prizes based on the number of AC Scratch lotteries drawn for the same release! For example Lillipa Balloon, Rappy Balloon. You even want an Urban L Ticket or Scratch Ticket.

We hope you enjoy your adventures in the world of "Phantom Star Online 2" while wearing fashionable clothes from this Scratch Ticket series! The Urban Life Series will end at 4:00 PM (PDT) on May 5th, so be sure to check before that!

Campaign: Join a Party!

Top agents know to rely on their comrades! Join the party on the event date and complete the mission to get special rewards! You can't fight Falspawn alone, buddy! Join the party of up to 4 players with other ARKS operators while the event is still ongoing, and complete missions to get rewards! One of them is beautiful pirate hat accessories yaaaarrrrgggghhhh! Cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta should help you.

Event Date: 03/31/2020 – 04/14/2020

From the end of maintenance on March 31 to the start of maintenance on April 14, join a party with at least two players and complete 3 or more missions.

PSO2 Day is coming!

This is the first North American PSO2! And this special day happens on the 2nd of every month!

Join your Arks companion on the second day of every month to celebrate PSO2! On this special day, players will receive login rewards and get incredible excitement! In addition to the bonus offered on PSO2, users who subscribe to the premium package will also receive product rewards on the 22nd of every month!

But that's not all! During PSO2 Day, you have a chance to meet a rare enemy: ARKS Rappy! If you see ARKS Rappy on the field, be sure to defeat it because it has the potential to drop Rappy Suit Mini: ARKS. Hope you have successfully obtained it, so you don't need to buy more PSO2 Meseta!