PSO2: the best categories and categories you choose first Mar-19-2020

Phantasy Star Online 2 finally works in the West. It's been a long time since the original Japanese version, but better late or not? When you're here, you may be in the character selection screen and wondering which category you choose in PSO2 or which chapter is best. Let's talk about that.

Which category you choose in PSO2 - the best categories

So when you choose a ship and start the character builder Phantasy Star Online 2, at the end of the process you can choose from six starting categories: Hunter, Ranger, Force, Braver, Bouncer and Summoner.

However, these are not all the categories you can choose from in the game. Not only are there following categories, but there are other categories that you can choose right at the start of PSO2 once you complete the intro task and return to the Ark Social Zone for the first time. These additions are: Fighter, Gunner and Techer.

Major changes are very easy in PSO2 and you can do it anytime from Class Counter NPC in the Ark Social Zone portal area. So if you want to choose from those three extras, all you have to do is choose something, and after the tutorial introduction, go ahead and switch.

Whichever class you choose, everything goes down to play the style of play.

PSO2 is a skill game. Although yes, loot, skill trees and race play a big part, and most importantly you understand how to attack the class and get on the battlefield, not to kill for lack of knowledge of how to play correctly in the most difficult encounters.

You should choose a category with a gameplay that you enjoy and that you can easily understand.

If you want an easy combat melee category that usually only has an interest in getting close and leaving, the best categories to choose are Hunter, Fighter or Bouncer.

Fishermen balance attack power with the ability to survive while all hunters are not attacked. The guards are very close-knit violent fighters with very high mobility and air groups who can also support the team.

Ranged is also available in the PSO 2 course, and if you want the best categories you can use are Ranger or Gunner. The Ranger is a safe class that uses easy-to-use traded weapons to deal damage safely from a distance, while the shooter uses a higher skill roof, but powerful heavy weapons require some knowledge on how to use them correctly.

For magicians, Force of Techer are the best categories to continue in PSO2. Power is your old school hit, the Black Mage spell anchor type, while Techer is a bit more advanced and also fits in healing spells.

Everything in PSO2 is a damage dealer, but Techer is probably the closest thing to a "wizard" in this game, if you enjoy playing it.

Finally there is the summons. Among the lessons you can choose at the beginning or at the beginning of PSO2, we do not recommend Summoner. Not because it is bad. Indeed, Summoner can be very powerful at a later time, but it requires that you collect pets that you don't have at the beginning of the game.

It also plays very differently from any other chapter in the game as it is a very passive gameplay and will not really help you learn the PSO2 stream well if you are a beginner. At the time of writing, and still in the early stages of Phantasy Star Online 2, we were not willing to rank rows from best to worst.

We will do that as soon as we have a better feel for NA meta at the end of the game. We still don't know everything about what will be different between Japan and NA updates and how quickly NA catches up. We will update this post with this information whenever we can. In the meantime, we hope this guide will help you decide which category to choose and which one to choose at the beginning of PSO2.