PSO2's concert is better than Fortnite's Feb-26-2022

MMO concerts are nothing new, but Phantasy Star Online 2 does it best by having them contribute to the gameplay and become part of the world's lore.

The idea of ??in-game concerts is nothing new, as many games host concerts, and Phantasy Star Online 2 has been doing this since around 2013. Now PSO2: New Genesis is continuing that tradition with the PSO2 NGS Meseta addition of concerts in its big February update. However, PSO2 and PSO2: New Genesis' concerts are different from games like Roblox and Fortnite that online players may be more familiar with. Instead of hiring real-world artists to perform, they use in-game characters to support the lore and involve players to make it even more exciting.

PSO2 is an older game than one might think, as it was first released in Japan in 2012, with nearly 10 years of content finally making its way to the West in 2020. These aren't technically the oldest in-game concerts, though, as World of Warcraft's Tauren Chieftain has been playing in-game for several years. It wasn't until the last few years that real artists hit the in-game stage, but it didn't always fit in with the game's player base.

When a game uses real-world artists for in-game concerts, it's really just for monetization, encouraging more players to log in and attracting new players to the game and hopefully keep them. An increase in players can lead to spending on paid items and keep the in-game volume growing. While a great event for those interested, most players don't play online games to watch popular artists perform, and these types of concerts don't contribute anything to the gameplay or storyline. They are more of a gimmick and a way for artists to reach people without an expensive venue.

Concerts for PSO2 and NGS operate more in the game world. Artists are characters in the storyline, mostly Quna in PSO2 and Nadereh in NGS, who have the power of songs. While a bit cheesy, the performances are just as good as Fortnite and Roblox, but the content is more related to the game. The songs are related to world lore, and the performances actually offer bonuses for players who take part in the competition. These rewards can be experience buffs, increased rarity drop rates, and more, helping players get out of the woods and go beyond just being a spectacle. There are even concerts where players can dance or stand on stage while watching the show.

For players, an in-game concert related to the game is a better option than just having a big-name concert related to it. Another game that used concerts, Final Fantasy XIV Online, proved that content resonated more with players. The game's real-world band, The Primals, plays the in-game music live, complete with a music video, which players seem to love. They attract a crowd, and they get a lot of online views.

It's a good idea to step a real artist into the game, but it's not used or used as often as it should be. Obviously, players prefer events in online games that are related to the game itself. That's why PSO2 and PSO2: NGS concerts are accepted by the community as a fun part of the game, and for players to benefit and improve. This is a better way to integrate online performances than trying to assimilate real-world performances.