PSO2 New Genesis: Winter Demo is about to begin Jan-15-2022

Today, Sega announced their new seasonal event in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS), which starts today and runs through February 8. The Winter World Trials will include a variety of PSO2 NGS Meseta seasonal events and limited-time rewards, including a 5-star weapon set, Seasonal World Trials, and Mission Pass: NGS Season 4 will also begin this month and end on the same day as the event.

With the launch of the PSO2: New Genesis Winter Trial event, new seasonal enemies will appear, including Nore Rappies in new outfits. Aelio's central city will also be revamped, now with a winter theme. During the event, enjoy the snowfall and walk among the snow-covered trees in the area.

Additionally, with the arrival of the PSO2: New Genesis Winter Trials seasonal event, players can receive new daily and weekly quests during this period. Some of these missions also reward players with special avatar items. To receive these quests or redeem your points, go to the First Land at the Exchange Shop in Retem City.

Players can find these enemies in all areas of Aelio and Retem during the PSO2: New Genesis Winter Trial seasonal event. Enemies will have a seasonal identifier above their heads, making them easy to spot. All seasonal enemies will be weak against elemental winds.

The 19th will be when the stellar grace recovery action begins. In the Winter Trial event, each Star's Grace is decorated with Winter Decoration, which ensures that players will get at least 5-star gem tickets for participating in the recovery operation.

Join thousands of players for free and defend Aelio and Retem from the dolls. Players can also go back to the past nine years of content from the original PSO2. Or enjoy new content from New Genesis.