PSO2 New Genesis-What should you buy with seasonal points? Jul-09-2021

To celebrate the 9th anniversary of Phantasy Star Online 2, Sega is holding a new event. Until August 4th, players will be able to earn season points in various ways, and then they can use these points in PSO2 New Genesis to purchase items from the new NPC Sandy.

The Emperor Xian is located by the stairs leading to the Great Tower of Zhongcheng. To earn seasonal points for consumption in her shop, you need to plant them, and the best way is to complete any tasks that reward them and plant monsters in the PSO2 NGS Meseta relevant PSE Burst area. You can earn up to 99,999 per week, and the event will last for four weeks.

What to buy from Xi'an

All this is good, you can earn seasonal points, but if you buy the wrong one, then all your time will be wasted. Not all of Xiandi’s products are worthwhile, and some of her other deals are too good to be missed. Knowing which products are worth buying is the key to not misusing your hard-earned points.


There are two types of cosmetics to choose from for this event. First, there is the "Moony & Sunny – Heart" chat stamp. After consumption, the player can obtain a new stamp showing these two cute tame monsters hugging a heart. It is very cute, only 5000 seasonal points, if you like its appearance, it is worth buying.

Pso2 New Genesis Seasonal Points cosmetics

Another cosmetic product available is Twinkling Ribbon accessories. This is a hair band that can be used to slightly personalize the appearance of your character. Once again, it only has 5000 season points, so if you think it suits your character's aesthetic, please feel free to buy it. But please note that these cosmetics are not tradable. This means that once they become rare, you can't sell them in large quantities in the future for a substantial profit.

Star gem

You can use 1000 seasonal points to buy 20 star gems to use in PSO2 New Genesis. Star Gems is used in the SG store and can be accessed via the store button on the main menu. In this shop, you can purchase a variety of items, such as items that increase rare drop rates and salon passes for custom characters.

Pso2 New Genesis Season Points Star Jewel

This is not the worst deal, but it is also not the best deal. I suggest you check the SG store and see all the things available. If nothing else, it may be worth buying a N-Rare Drop Rate [24h] +50%. These can be used on the day the new boss is released to greatly increase the chance of rare drops. Considering that these unique items tend to be expensive on the first day, it is necessary to make a serious N-Meseta.

Gleason Weapon Series

Many players are excited about the new weapon series announced this anniversary. The Glissen weapon is a three-star rare weapon and the first weapon with elemental rewards in New Genesis. They can be purchased from Xiandy with 10,000 seasonal points. For weakly charged enemies, Glissen weapons will cause additional damage. However, against enemies that are not weak, ordinary four-star weapons perform much better.

Pso2 New Genesis Seasonal Points Glissen weapon

In fact, this series is not so good. Although Glissen is best at fighting specific enemies, it is not worth using N-Meseta or N-Grinders to upgrade them. It is best for most players to purchase Resurgir weapons related to their profession and then create more versatile multi-weapons. Or, if you want DPS, the performance of the upgraded Straga weapon is comparable to Glissen. Even if you really want to try Glissen weapons, I suggest you polish the PSE Burst area. Spending seasonal points on these is wasteful.

Photon Block/Photon Quartz

Both Photon Chunk and Photon Quartz are used to upgrade equipment and manufacture enhanced material ores. They are very useful, and it is never a bad idea to reserve them. Photon Chunk can be purchased with 500 season points each, while Photon Quartz requires 300 season points. In most cases, I don't recommend spending seasonal points on any of them.