PSO2 New Genesis Summoner Course Delayed Jan-08-2022

The PSO2 New Genesis headline on December 28, 2021 revealed what people might suspect is that the Summoner course has been postponed. Sega initially provided it with a spring 2022 release window. However, the PSO2 NGS Meseta latest PSO2 New Genesis roadmap covers until June 2022, and there is no mention. There is no exact release window at this time.

This is a developer statement shared by Hiro Arai, the official navigator of PSO2 New Genesis. It confirmed that the delay was due to the team improving other game elements. It also set up a new "end of 2022" release window for the course.

As the name suggests, the summoner is a pet-based profession. It also appeared in the original PSO2. There, players will pick up Gunslash or Takt and use it to direct their pets to attack opponents. There are multiple types available in PSO2, and each type has its own expertise. For example, Torim is a bird-like bird, essentially a glass cannon focused on photonic art. People can also get a Rappy pet for their summoner.

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis can be played on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. PSO2 New Genesis Summoner will appear at the end of 2022. The eight professions currently available are Bouncer, Braver, Fighter, Force, Gunner, Hunter, Ranger and Techter.