PSO2: New Genesis “Sandstorm Requiem” update comes out on the 15th Dec-11-2021

Originally announced in early November, the next major update of "Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis"-Sandstorm Requiem-was released on December 15. It adds the Retem area of ??the same name in the main city, adds up to 35 levels, and brings new abilities to all occupations.

At least from an aesthetic point of view, Retem is already a good reorganization of New Genesis, which leaves a "green" area for desert areas and PSO2 NGS Meseta new types of enemies. In addition to the new professional abilities, three new element technologies will be added: wind, light, and darkness.

The update will also include a "title" system that has already taken a place in the original "Phantasy Star Online 2." In short, you can earn new titles by completing certain types of enemies, bosses, or participating in emergency missions. It is more like a "beauty" option than anything else. After all, games with cash stores and battle passes will not change the way they make money now.

Another novelty that sounds interesting on paper is the "world trial" system. Before that, New Genesis had only a trial-it happened spontaneously in one area. World Trials extends this system to multiple industries. For example, you must not only defeat "X" enemies in one area, but also collect "Y" items in another area. Deep down, this sounds like more work to me, but-again-for a game that lacks content, anything will happen (minus NFT).

For those who are interested in playing New Genesis again, there is a "Prepare for Retem!" event is ongoing until December 14th. Anyone who logs in, participates in certain trials, or completes specific tasks will receive scratch tickets and materials. More detailed information is available on the official website and NGS Headlines video, as shown below. I still muster the courage to return to PSO2: New Genesis. I like it, I like the idea, I even like execution. I hope Reten is a good reason to play it again.