PSO2 New Genesis March Update Information Mar-03-2022

On March 1, Sega released the official information program "NGS Headline" of the online RPG "PSO2 New Genesis (hereinafter referred to as NGS)" for PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / PC, and released March update and event information. ..

"NGS Headline" is an official program in which Sega's Hiroshi Arai appears as the PSO2 NGS Meseta official navigator to convey future updates, events, peripheral information, etc. of "PSO2 New Genesis".

From March 2, the Revival AC Scratch will be delivered in two "PSO2" size castings and one "PSO2" size fitting.

spring activities

Spring events will start on March 9th. In this event, the venues of Aeroio and Retem, including Central City, will be transformed into spring clothing. This Miss Chieftain symbol will appear in various areas of Aerio and Retem, not Central City.

Also, the mug's active sonar will only react to mischievous symbols placed on the field, so let's look for it as we stroll through the spring field. At the scene, "Fururu Rappy" decorated with flowers will also appear.

During the Spring Event, "Citrey" will appear as a new guide. Citley is an energetic girl who plays an active role as an "ARCS Logistics Supporter".

In addition, starting from this event, the upper limit of earning season points will be removed, and the more you play, the more points you will earn.

The points collected can be exchanged for "Dash: Standard" magazines, stamps, accessories, and action changes in different color versions at the Citra Exchange.

The special power-up item "Baluni Mix" can also be exchanged, and if used, it will increase the season points.

Additionally, Spring Event-exclusive Battle Triggers and Spring Event-exclusive Special Scratch Tickets can be redeemed.

During urgent missions, if you collect 5 special battle triggers that can only be obtained during the event, you can order them from the trigger portal at any time.

Battle Triggers can be obtained from the Seasonal Points Redemption Shop or dropped from enemies with seasonal symbols.

In addition, the new rare ★5-attribute weapon "Lumeirer" series that can be obtained by exchange points or drops has a light attribute, and the weakness attribute of enemies with seasonal symbols is changed to a light attribute, so it is also beneficial for capture missions. continue.

In addition, if you get a certain amount of points or more, you can complete the title task dedicated to the spring event, and as a reward, you can also get a weapon camouflage "*Lumeirah-Almati" weapon that can change the appearance of the weapon is the same as the "Lemeirah" series...

The "Special Scratch" during the event will be delivered as a different scratch than the "Special Scratch" that is currently being delivered.

Because you can scratch tickets by aiming at falling targets in the Spring event-only emergency or trigger missions, let's play the missions and draw more and more limited special scratches.

In addition to the SG acquisition ticket and the N-color change pass, there are weapon camouflages for the weapons acquired at Aeroio and weapon camouflages for the "Yozakura" series popular in "PSO2" as prizes.

After the event period ends, some items will be added to the regular "Special Scratch" prizes so you can get missed items later. However, the difficulty of obtaining it increases.