PSO2 New Genesis –How to trigger PSE Burst Jul-02-2021

Among the many unexplained mechanisms in PSO2 New Genesis, PSE Burst somehow managed to surpass them. Even three weeks after Sega’s popular MMORPG was launched, many players still don’t understand how it works. Not their own fault, many low-level players have destroyed the lobby due to lack of understanding.

This is problematic, because if handled properly, the efficiency of PSE Burst grinding will increase several times. Triggering PSE Burst will greatly increase the spawn rate of enemies. This means that during the PSO2 NGS Meseta active PSE Burst, the experience rate not only increases significantly, but also players have more opportunities to obtain rare drops. It is important for players to understand how this mechanism works so that everyone can benefit from it.

How to trigger PSE Burst

PSE Burst is the enemy chain mechanism in PSO2 New Genesis, which can be triggered in three different areas. These are on the mountain. Magnus, the Ruins of the Vanford Laboratory, and the Rethor Forest. All three can be unlocked by completing various story missions.

After entering one of these areas, the PSE Burst meter will appear at the top left of the screen. It has five different levels, which can be upgraded or downgraded when the enemy is killed. Each enemy has a random chance to raise or lower this meter.

Pso2 New Genesis Pse Burst Meter user interface

The PSE Burst meter will only appear in one of the three designated areas.

In the original PSO2, PSE Burst was triggered purely by luck. You killed the enemy in the dungeon and hoped for the best result. However, New Genesis introduced two methods to remove some RNG from this process.

These areas have specific areas marked by E or T letters. E stands for effect and T stands for experiment. No matter how many enemies are killed, the effect area will continue to move. In contrast, the test area will not move until it is completed.

Pso2 New Genesis Pse Burst Aoe Seeking Darts Assault Rifle

Once the PSE Burst is over, the PSE Burst climax begins. This will spawn a Boss, which can be killed to obtain considerable experience points and rare loot opportunities.

The best way to upgrade the PSE Burst meter is to strictly follow them when the effect zone and test zone appear. Even if you reach a new area and move immediately, it is better to follow it instead of continuing to kill the enemy. Killing enemies outside these marked areas will make the PSE Burst meter more likely to drop one level.

Or, there is another method that also works. If the PSE Burst meter is filled with at least four bars when the test is completed, the PSE Burst will always be triggered. Since the trials in PSO2 New Genesis will not move until they are completed, players can farm monsters outside them until the PSE Burst is filled. After filling in the meter, just complete the trial. This is more dependent on RNG, but it can still be effective if a powerful photon art area is used to quickly kill a large number of enemies. Two good examples of photon art that can be used are the homing dart of an assault rifle and the blade mixture of a wired spear.