PSO2 New Genesis: How to improve combat effectiveness Jun-24-2021

Combat power represents the overall strength of the characters in "Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis", and players need PSO2 NGS Meseta to increase it to participate in all aspects of the game. However, some fans may not know exactly how to improve combat effectiveness, because it is not explained in great detail in the title of the tutorial. With this in mind, this guide is being prepared. Players can learn all the ways to increase combat effectiveness in PSO2 New Genesis in the following content.

First of all, the easiest way to improve combat effectiveness is to obtain EXP and upgrade character levels in PSO2 New Genesis. This can be done by completing tasks and killing enemies. Players who want to speed up the process can even use Star Gems to purchase temporary EXP boosts.??? It’s worth noting that it shows that the character’s sub-occupation does not affect their combat effectiveness, although the sub-occupation can affect the number in another way.

More specifically, fans can increase their combat effectiveness by using skill points to learn class and sub-class skills. For novices, by completing the challenges in Cocoons and Towers of PSO2 New Genesis to obtain skill points, the former rewards one skill point and the latter rewards 4 skill points. Once the player has obtained some of these valuable points, they should go directly to the career counter, exchange them for skills, and watch their combat effectiveness rise.

Finally, MMORPG fans can gain additional combat power by equipping better equipment or changing the weapons and armor they already have. In fact, enhancing items and filling enhancement slots can lead to a gain in combat power. Players can perform these operations in the item laboratory opposite the class counter. In addition, fans can increase their combat effectiveness by unlocking the potential of weapons in the Item Lab, although this may prove to be a rather time-consuming task.

As for what fans will gain by increasing the combat power of the character, emergency missions may be one of the most compelling products. These large-scale operations are planned, and they do need to meet a certain minimum combat effectiveness. Hope this guide accurately clarifies what fans of Phantasy Star 2 Online: New Genesis need to do to meet these requirements and help fans who want to start urgent tasks.