PSO2 New Genesis Guide: "Mining Equipment Defense Aug-21-2021

Today's update introduces a new urgent task. Titled "Mining Equipment Defense: Aelio", this is the third emergency mission to be introduced into PSO2 New Genesis. At least 1,243 or higher combat power is required to start this mission. Combat power can be increased by consuming skill points, enhancing weapons or units, and PSO2 Meseta adding equipment.

Like all emergency tasks, the event that generates this task is random and cannot be triggered manually. The best way to track when it appears is to join an official Discord group like Phantasy Star Fleet. This team has a dedicated alert channel that provides 15 minutes of reminders before the emergence of mining equipment defense or any other selected emergency missions.


Mining equipment defense: Aelio is described in the game as "an emergency mission in which you can protect resource mining equipment from enemy attacks." This is the first emergency mission to work in the waves, with a tribal-style design Different enemies are produced on each wave. At the beginning of each wave, a large number of enemies will be spawned. These enemies will move to the three mining equipment located at the foot of the mountain and attack them.

To complete urgent tasks and be eligible for rewards, you must pass all six waves. In addition, there is a 30-minute time limit, so it’s important not to take too long. Nonetheless, most teams at the appropriate level can expect to complete tasks faster than this.


You can check the small map in the upper left corner to understand the location of the enemy. This map is a valuable tool for this specific emergency mission because it allows you to quickly scout every equipment to find enemies. If you can see five enemy points near the mining equipment that no one else is defending on the map, then you should give priority to reaching that equipment.

Except for attacking enemies near the rig, the order in which each enemy is killed is not important. Once attacked, most enemies will actively pursue you, so splitting a large group of people with the effect area of ??photon art will be very effective. Some good examples are the Twisting Zapper for swords, the blade mix for wired spears, and the homing dart for rifles.

Pso2 New Genesis Mining Rig Defense Area of?? Effect Photon Art

You can deal with a large number of enemies at once with a suitable photon art effect range.

Sometimes, the enemy will erect impassable gates between the rigs, which will make it difficult to switch between them. These can be overcome by destroying two easy-to-find hard hit areas. This should be done as quickly as possible to help your team reposition as effectively as possible.

Mining equipment defense: Aelio introduced a new mechanism in PSO2 New Genesis. Collectasigne can be collected by harvesting nearby resources. This process is similar to how to pick up Restasigne and Reversasigne from the ground. Then you can use Collectasigne on mining equipment to purchase equipment features.

Pso2 New Genesis Mining Rig Defense Aelio device features

Equipment features should be purchased when they are available, as they help accomplish the task.

The three equipment functions are repairing damage, deploying barrier shields, and using special equipment. Repairing the damage proceeded exactly as it said and repaired one of the mining equipment. At the same time, the deployment of barrier shields adds a temporary shield to the mining equipment, which can offset the damage received. Finally, using special equipment allows you to equip mobile cannons. All three are worth buying and will help your team complete urgent tasks faster.

Although it looks scary, the new boss enemy "Destragras" is easy to kill. Focus on each leg until it breaks, it's best to follow the ranger's withered bomb to deal extra damage. Once all four legs are broken, the top will open, revealing a large crit zone. Use your best DPS Photon Arts and Photon Blast at this stage to cause as much damage as possible. If the boss recovers before death, repeat these steps.


Mining equipment defense: Aelio's reward system is different from other systems in PSO2 New Genesis. The drop is not obtained by killing a single enemy, but is randomly assigned at one time at the end of the emergency mission. These are displayed through Quest Storage, where users can filter what they want to keep and what they want to convert to N-Meseta.

In addition to the opportunity to obtain weapons from the new series, there are also a large number of 3* units, low-level weapons and various enhancements. Some of these enhancements are new, but many enhancements have been present in PSO2 New Genesis since its release, and there is not much value.

Evolcoat weapon series

Evolcoat is a new series of weapons introduced in this update. Unlike some previous series, each weapon in the game has an Evolcoat version. This means that two Evolcoat weapons can be used to create almost any desired multi-weapons.