PSO2 New Genesis – Force Course Guide: Weapons, Skills Jul-23-2021

"Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis" has six occupations, each with its own unique game style. Understanding how these courses interact and how to make the most of them is essential for the best player possible. This guide focuses on the game’s magic bending DPS/support for mixed types. In PSO2 New Genesis, this unique role is played by the Force class.



This is a long-range weapon unique to the Force class. Interestingly, the wand cannot use any PSO2 NGS Meseta offensive photon art, but instead relies purely on technology to cause damage. Since the technology is PP intensive, rod users need to take advantage of the many PP recovery options available in the Force class.

The weapon action of the rod is a reaction. Similar to the weapon action of a sword, it is a time-based block that can counteract enemy attacks. If the attack succeeds, the user will be immune to damage in a short time. Because the Force player will keep a certain distance from the enemy, it is easier to predict and parry attacks than most other classes.


Like a magic wand, amulets are another long-range weapon that relies mainly on technology to cause damage. Unlike magic wands, spells can use two different offensive photon techniques, and they are less specialized. The uniqueness of the amulet is that it can change the way the technology works to better adapt to each battle. It sacrifices the excellent DPS of the rod in exchange for versatility.

Talis users can access their weapon action Bloom. When used, Bloom will place a fixed turret, which will automatically fire at any nearby enemies. It can be cancelled by repeatedly using weapon actions in different positions or moving away from the turret. This will not cause too much damage, but it is an effective tool for passively regenerating PP.


Thanks to Force’s unique job skill PP conversion, Force has become one of the most popular subcategories in PSO2 New Genesis. After activation, it will reduce your health, but will provide up to 700% PP recovery rate in return. This is currently the best PP recovery option in the game and should be used as much as possible. In order to take full advantage of this, be sure to purchase the PP conversion increase, which can provide a second charge for the PP conversion before entering the cooling down.

Another top skill unique to Force is Photon Flare. Unlike PP conversion, this can only be used when Force is selected as the main class. When activated, it can increase weapon effectiveness by 20% and increase total PP by +50. This is actually a better version of the fighter's overload skills.

Pso2 New Creativity Skill Tree

I recommend choosing Resta Field Force as early as possible. This is an excellent support skill that allows any Restasignes used to heal nearby teammates. This is great for boss scenarios where the team often gathers on the same enemy.

Quality of life skills such as PP Recovery Boost, Eradication PP Boost, and Technical Recharge PP Well Up should be purchased because they can increase overall DPS. Since Techniques uses a lot of PP compared to Photon Arts, you must use PP recovery as much as possible. Fortunately, the Force class is better covered in this category than the other classes in PSO2 New Genesis.

Photonic art

Since the rod cannot use any photon art, we will discuss technology instead. There are six magic wand techniques, of which there are two techniques for each element: fire, ice and lightning. Most enemies will have an elemental weakness, which is displayed under the enemy's name and level. For the boss, you should always strive to use techniques that exploit this weakness.

However, focusing on the weaknesses of PSE Bursts and other scenarios with many enemies is unnecessary. Instead, Gizonde should be used to place an electric field that continuously damages enemies in it. After placement, switch to Zonde to cause as much burst damage as possible. Please be sure to purchase the Zonde-Clad skill to further strengthen your electrical skills. The Barta Blot skill provides a similar use for ice technology.

Pso2 New Genesis Force Photonic Art Technology

Many of the same logic can be applied to talis, but there is one big difference. Before using the technology, you should first use Convergence Shot or Spread Shot. These photon arts have changed the way technology is projected. Convergence Shot changes them to a single target, and Spread Shot provides them with an effect coverage area. The former makes the technology faster and cheaper PP wise, while the latter makes it easier to hit multiple enemies at once.