"PSO2 New Genesis" emergency mission "Dark Falss Interception" early broadcast report. Feb-12-2022

With the update of the online RPG "PSO2 New Genesis" (PC/PS4/Switch *NGS hereinafter) that will take place on February 16, 2022, the emergency mission "Dark Falss Intercept Battle" will be added. Before the implementation, I had the PSO2 NGS Meseta opportunity to fight against powerful enemies who participated in the story of this work, so I will communicate the situation.

The dark illusion that appeared as soon as the work was broadcast destroyed the hometown of Aina, one of the heroines, "Erio Town". It hasn't appeared in the story since, but after this update, you can fight in the emergency mission "The Intercept of Kufar".

The conditions for participating in this emergency mission are that the combat power reaches 1898 or more, and the main storyline that has been executed so far has been completed. The required combat power is a bit high, but with the update on February 9, the upper limit of the occupation level has been opened to level 40, so it will not be so strict.

The location of the event is Central Airio. After matching with other players, it will jump to the dedicated map. As far as the location of the area is concerned, it is the same place as the emergency mission "Resource Miner Defense Battle: Elio", where the resta logo and the reverser logo are placed.

As will be mentioned later, it is very difficult to replenish recovery items in battle, so if you do not bring in the maximum amount, I would like to add it here.

Battles will take place in a dedicated area that appears to be located above the map. The scaffolding is almost square, with the dark illusion of six arms basically attacking from the outside of the scaffolding.

The atmosphere of the mission is similar to that of Phantasy Star Online 2 (PC/PS4/Switch) "Battle of the Dark Elders of Fars", but the attack mode is completely different.

The distance of each attack is relatively far, and it is not safe to be far away from the dark void. It seems that it is important to learn the preparation moves and attack range for an attack, and to take full advantage of evasion and defense.

After the floor glows, you will take damage if you are there. Since unlit squares are safe, evacuate there. Thumbnail for Image Set #005 / Early Play Report for the "PSO2 New Genesis" Emergency Mission "Dark Falss Interceptor". The combat power required to participate is 1898 and the enemy level is 40 Thumbnails of the early play report of Image Set #006/"PSO2 New Genesis" Emergency Mission "Dark Falss Interceptor". Participation required combat power 1898, enemy level 40

The basic fighting style is to attack the arm of Dark Fars, and if it goes down, target the core of the body. The arm can be broken by doing a certain amount of damage, in which case the resta sign and reverse sign are dropped.

Unlike other urgent missions, recovery items can only be replenished at this time, so it's best to remember to fight to minimize damage as much as possible.

Although the information has been announced, the "Thanks for Aiming" series of rare ★5 weapons can be obtained from Dark Falss. It seems that the drop rate is not low, and in this previous play, the first game was dropped by others, and the second game was dropped by myself.

The performance is higher than the Gretiga series, Quintel series, Gorshika series, so if the somewhat difficult enhancement is declared to be advanced, this weapon is likely to become the main force in the future.

Hastily introduced the "Dark Fars Interception Battle" so far. In the media preview session, the level 40 character and the gear enhanced to +50 were all ready, so even at first glance, I could fight without being beaten too much.

However, after implementation, if you engage with the combat power you can, you will be forced to fight quite a bit. As I said before, getting recovery items isn't as easy as it used to be, so it's a good idea to train your character, strengthen your gear, avoid it, and practice your defenses.