PSO2 New Genesis Attack on Titan cooperation adds uniforms and Titan suits Nov-24-2021

Several new costumes and accessories from "Attack on Titan" will soon be available on PSO2 New Genesis. From November 16, 2021, players will be able to obtain items such as scout uniforms, Titan suits, and super-hard steel blades from the AC Scratch Ticket of Destruction Giants. The PSO2 NGS Meseta series will continue until December 14, 2021. The price of each ticket is 200 AC.

It is worth noting that the series includes boy and girl scout uniforms, with and without mobile equipment. Other accessories include the scout regiment cape and hairstyles similar to Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman. Mikasa’s scarf can also be obtained, and the player can even dress up as a giant.

In addition, the omnidirectional mobile equipment is provided as a separate accessory, and the super-hard steel blade weapon camouflage can change the appearance of many weapon types. Finally, Sega will add four stickers with the badges of the gendarmerie, reconnaissance group, garrison and cadet.

The other garments in the AC Scratch Ticket collection are based on the PSO2 specification. However, the same items can be used for characters in New Genesis. Sega will add new aggressive giant costumes and accessories as well as dozens of new cosmetics.