PSO2 can purchase three new game packs for only $35 from tomorrow Oct-13-2020

Sega announced the upcoming Phantasy Star Online 2 partnership, and the surgical staff of ARKS will entertain guests tomorrow. In the game, PSO2 players will get new cosmetics and PSO2 Meseta, and 9 will make them dress up like 2B, 9S and A2. Nier: Auotmata provides themed furniture and decorations. Fans must act quickly because they spent a lot of money and left in November.

The "Neil: Automata" collaboration package will go on sale at 11 am PST on October 13. There are three packs, and each pack is based on a specific role. A pack of cigarettes costs $34.99, so be sure to choose a pack or become a whale. Either way, you must choose before 10pm PST on November 10th until these collaboration packages disappear.

The price of these three packs is 35 dollars each. If you get the complete Nier series from PSO2, the overall layout is $105, but this is still an expense in the world of free MMORPG games.

Very expensive this time. This is because the PSO2 NieR Automata divider does not involve any type of gacha element. From October 14, 2020 to November 11, 2020, you can also pay a fixed fee of $34.99 to get a set corresponding to one of the three main characters of Yoko Taro RPG.

It is like this. From October 14, 2020, three game packs can be purchased. One is 2B Pack, which includes all the content of dressing someone up as 2B. As you can imagine, the 9S Pack corresponds to 9S and includes an Emil head. The A2 package focuses on A2 and provides a head of machine life. If you want to use these three functions at the same time, the price is $104.97. However, please note that the 2B and A2 items are mainly used for all female competitions, while the 9S items are mainly used for all male competitions.

Phantasy Star Online 2 players know that fashion is the real end game, and Nier's vibrant (and hungry) world. Automata cosplay seems to be a powerful sign of the future. Nier: Automata’s collaboration is about to appear in the English version of the game, and its pricing model is different from the original Japanese promotion.

Nier items were originally provided as PSO2's gacha-style AC scratch tickets in Japan, which is nothing new. However, here, they are advanced packages. Whether this marks a broader change in the business model of PSO2 or is just a one-off experiment remains to be seen.