PSO 2 will be released only on the Microsoft Store on Steam on August 5 Aug-10-2020

Online RPG Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO 2) will only be released on the Microsoft Store on Steam on August 5, and will only be officially available in the United States and Canada. What to do then? How to keep Steam released and how to get games? What is Phantasy Star Online 2? Free2Play online RPG started in Japan in 2012, and in 2019 Microsoft announced that it will release online games on Xbox One and PC.

The Microsoft Store is scheduled to open on May 27, but only US and Canadian players are eligible to participate. However, on August 5, you will hear some issues with the first system, including error messages, location issues, and lack of installation options. Start the event via Steam-also applies to Europe. But the important thing is that users who have already started using the Microsoft Store must establish a connection with their games on Steam or they will lose progress.

A good start to Steam. How to make progress in online games now? It has been almost a week since the release of PSO 2 on Steam. Let's first look at how the space and characters work.

According to Steamcharts, the peak of a single player is 19,684, which is a good entry. Especially if you think that PSO 2 has been running for 8 years, the Steam score is 82% and it is “very positive”. They also have negative voices. One thing that cannot be ruled out is that some people don't know that POS 2 is older, that the game has already started and will be changed by major revisions announced in 2021.

Here are some opinions from the Steam community about the game:

Milky wrote: "PSO2 is definitely one of the best MMO games today. This game has an active fighting style and is more interesting than classic games of its kind. It may not have the greatest variety in certain regions or the largest game world, But the challenge does not hinder their ability to compete," Aerynes: "Compete with their best friends. Because there are too many small problems, the entry may be a bit confusing. In addition, the people are very friendly and always see you Basically, "Phantasy Star Online 2" can be said to be the most popular on Steam.

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