PSO 2 graphical update description: when will it be available? Mar-23-2021

The PSO 2 graphical update can now be run on the Japanese server.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is one of Sega's most popular and active MMO games in Japan and Western countries. Although the game was launched in Japan nearly nine years ago, the game entered Western countries in August 2020, which means that most non-Japanese players of the PSO2 Meseta game still have more discoveries. Currently, the developers behind PSO 2 are working hard to release a large-scale "New Genesis" update for the game later this year, which will bring some revolutionary changes to the game. The PSO 2 graphics update is one of the early steps in the transition to "New Genesis" and is currently available on the game’s Japanese server. Here, we will take a look at what this update provides.

What is included in the PSO 2 graphics update?

As a pre-implemented specification of "New Genesis", "Graphics Update" made some major changes to character creation. You will find more detailed options and more precise editing tools in the menu. Random preset characters have also been significantly improved, so if you find it difficult or time-consuming to create characters, check out Random Characters.

In addition to new character creation options, this update also adds some new options to the "Graphics" tab in the settings, allowing you to adjust the 3D rendering resolution and effect distortion. This will have a significant impact on the game world and the appearance of the characters.

When will it arrive?

The PSO 2 graphics update can now run on PC and PS4 on Japanese servers, but the global version of the update has not yet been released. Before releasing the updated global version, developers may be waiting for community feedback on bugs and technical issues.