Premium Set exclusive: PSO2 Day (4/22) Apr-23-2020

What could be better than PSO2 days? On April 22 this year, Oracle hopes to commend some additional rewards to their Premium agents; two SG tickets and some additional rewards!

On PSO2: From April 22 to April 24th at 1:00 am (PDT), the maintenance period ends, log in to get SG22 Ticket (x2) (Consumable). You can also get special offers:

FUN Earned + 100%

EXP Earned + 100%

Login Stamp +1 Bonus

Rare Item Drop Rate + 100%

Gathering Fever Occurrence Rate + 100%

Note: The rewards have been distributed, and the rewards will take effect immediately after login.

When meeting the campaign requirements, redeem rewards through your Visiphone's "Receive Campaign Items".

To receive campaign rewards before the set deadline, please visit your Visiphone game for more information about specific rewards.

But this is not all! During the continuation of PSO2 Day, everyone has a chance to encounter a rare enemy: ARKS Rappy! If you see ARKS Rappy on the field, be sure to defeat it, because it may drop RAPPY SUIT MINI: ARKS!

But this is just one of the features of the premium package. It can also:

The ability to trade items.

The right to use personal dormitories.

The ability to open a personal store.

The ability to use advanced storage (up to 400 items).

The ability to use Premium Line (you can use 3 lines instead of (Basic Line).

Basic production line (/ preparations / equipment / craft /)).

Ability to use advanced slot machines ? In addition to basic slots, you can also use advanced slots that can save up to 20 custom appearances (/ preparation / device / fashion /)

Earned FUN points increased (when logging in with summoned Friend Avatars, using AC, when giving honors and clearing missions).

The ability to move to advanced blocks.

If you belong to an alliance and your position is an alliance member or higher, you can use alliance storage.

The maximum number of customer orders you can accept increases from 20 to 40.

If your premium package expires, you can still report, but you will not be able to accept more than 20 customer orders.

You can take up to 60 customer orders by using the "Extend the maximum limit of received orders" option other than the "Premium Package".

The maximum number of collected pages has been increased from 3 to 5.

If your premium set expires, you can still make progress on the collection sheet, but you will not be able to get anything more than 3 sheets.

+ 50% Triboost earnings.

Ability-enhancing beverages have a greater effect.

There will always be sub-effects.

A "Advanced Exclusive Sub-Effect" larger than the standard sub-effect will be randomly generated.

The main effects of EX and Z beverages will only reach "high" or "medium" levels.

The effect will never be "low".

Ability to purchase premium drinks

The following are the drinks that can always bring a rare increase in landing rate, which can be purchased:

Shifta beverage premium

Premium for takeaway drinks

Guts Drink Premium

Photonic Drink Premium

All premium drinks can be purchased for 7,000 meseta.


The following are drinks that always bring multiple sub-effects:

Shifta Drink Premium 2

Takeaway Drink Premium 2

Guts Drink Premium 2

Photonic Drink Premium 2

The premium drinks above can be purchased at 20,000 Meseta.

The maximum slot for saving Symbol Art has been increased from 10 to 40.


If the premium package expires, you can share or delete save slots 11 to 40, but you cannot edit, import, or save from history.

The ability to use advanced spaces.

A certain number of characters can be used to access blocks other than advanced blocks, even if they are full.

If the advanced space is also full, you cannot move to the block.

You can edit the role of using Salon Pass S within a specified time.

This only applies to characters who have used Salon Pass S. After use, Salon Pass S will take effect for 60 minutes, during which you can edit the appearance of the character.

This 60-minute duration only counts down when you log in. (You can check the remaining time in the message welcoming you to the salon.)

You can edit the characters that use the color change pass within the set time.

This only applies to characters using color-changing passes. After use, the "Color Change Pass" will take effect for 60 minutes, during which you can edit the character's appearance.

This 60-minute duration only counts down when you log in. (You can check the remaining time in the message welcoming you to the salon.)

After using the "Color Change Pass" and changing the color, the only things that can be edited again are the color of the character's clothes, the color of the clothes and the color of the main body.

Another color change pass is required to change the color of other clothing.

If you move to another ship via transfer (/ setup / character / move /), you will not be able to edit the color again.

When you receive the login stamp, you will also receive an additional login stamp.

Gift boxes can be placed in personal dormitories or small rooms.

The owner of the room where you want to place furniture does not need a valid premium set.

Only the owner of the room where the gift box display is placed can move or open the display. The furnishing cannot be deleted.

The ability to use screen filters.

For the game screen, you can select [Normal], [Monochrome], [Sepia], [Vintage] and pixels.

Fixed cameras 4, 5 and 6 can be used.

Extend the duration of the daily enhancement effect.

If you set the daily lift to the maximum when completing the daily order and the daily lift to the maximum, you can extend the duration of the effect, which will decrease after the set time elapses.

The maximum boost limit is unchanged.

Use the chat command function to stop the character's expression movement after a specified number of seconds.

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