Players will be able to use the PSO2 server during maintenance Jul-09-2020

Starting today (July), players will be able to use the new features on the Phantasy Star Online 2 server during the scheduled maintenance period. Unlike most MMOs, PSO2 is not a "server" part, but a "stack" sub-part. This is a good word. The idea is to let players drive different planets and complete missions on different ARKS ships.

After the launch, it was impossible to transfer to another ship, but fortunately it was finally there. The maintenance period will expire at the end of July, and the facility will be available. Even if it sucks.

PSO2 is a free game. This means that your freight is in good condition and there is a small pile of optional materials. The new shipyard falls into this category. You have to spend 70,000 cents to send money, but in the real world, this is just a small amount, and you can earn honest money through the game.

The shipping version will not be moved against the parent version. Similarly, all entries and account information will not be transferred. Only transfer relevant data to specific roles. This includes meta, palette settings, pets, weapons, etc. However, this is not all direct payment.

To qualify, you must:

You have enough PSO2 Meseta in your account.

Make sure that the selected characters are not restricted.

If you are an allied captain, please keep your character in its original position.

Make sure your character is not a group chat.

If this is the case, you can start the transfer process on the role selection screen during maintenance planning by selecting the ship transfer application during maintenance planning in the program section. The transfer is done on the invoice, so if you miss the actual delivery date, it will be applied later. Before the repair is completed, you can change your mind and cancel the operation as needed.

If necessary, you can use AC to perform the same process and repurchase the goods and purchase. New projects and progress will be ready.