Players have never known how "PSO2: New Genesis" works with previous games Jan-28-2021

Since SEGA announced "Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis", players have been unsure of how the game will be used with previous games. From the beginning we knew that OG Phantasy Star Online 2 would not disappear and the game could work together, but we are still not sure about other aspects.

Recently, SEGA tried to confirm and clarify all these issues through "other information" posts. The first part of these articles discussed issues such as how to make the player move between the two games, graphics engine updates, and the entire "finger movement" and other content. Now, the second article has been published. This course also covers various topics, with an emphasis on gears.

If you are concerned about personal storage and transactions, or how weapons acquired in PSO2 work in PSO2: NGS, then this is definitely the position you want to focus on. Speaking of weapons, it seems that rare items have been simplified. The highest-rated weapon is four stars. This means that when a 15-star weapon is moved from PSO2 to PSO2: NGS, the weapon will become a four-star weapon. After moving it back to PSO2, the changes will be restored.

When a character is transferred from one game to another, another thing that seems to be affected is that not all equipment will appear, and layered wear and CAST parts are displayed as default PSO2 equipment or CAST parts, players can rest assured But buy PSO2 Meseta will not change.

There is also a fairly long list of what will be shared and not shared throughout the game. The list is very comprehensive, covering everything from general system functions, communities and communications, storage to salon functions and favorite lists. Developers will definitely try to use this list, because it lists not only shared items, but also unshared items. There are also some caveats, such as POS2: NGS does not have friends' avatars, but this will not affect their display in the original game.