Players ask questions and answer some questions about PSO2: New Genesis Aug-31-2020

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is happening. Players with rising stars want to know what this means to them. If the entertainment is not high, maybe the new game may not be suitable. Therefore, they will ask questions and answer some common questions on weekends.

These include technical issues, such as how players can switch between OG games and NGS accounts. Answer: They will exist in one game, and the player will use an existing feature to move blocks in order to move between the two game worlds.

Players also asked about graphics engine information, we have good or bad. The POS2 engine is upgraded to match the difference in NGS. of course. Shiny new graphics. This means that if your game does not use NGS graphics, it will no longer be able to process the original PSO2.

Other questions include which items can be used in both games, which finger movement details are required, whether to share titles, etc. include. The full version of the FAQ can be found on the PSO2 website.

Of course, New Genesis will not be listed for the time being, but all the content can be used on the first original PSO2, things have been evolving, which means more campaigns are needed. On September 2nd, three new activities will begin: clear story missions, use group chats, and battle. For the first battle, the player told specific story missions in Episode 4, especially "Sad Reunion" and "Mother's Wishes". Both must be completed before maintenance on September 29. Managing the first one will win the player the Tokyo Golden Key. The second one will give them the Kitty Pose emoji.

Using group chat activities sounds very similar. Just use group chat to talk to other players before September 15th, and you will receive specific rewards and PSO2 Meseta.

Finally, the last battle requires players to spend some time on the battlefield, clearing the emblem battle in the ranked game. You need to do this multiple times to receive all available rewards, from Triboosts to SG tickets and an emoji.