"Phantom Star Online 2" public test and download On Xbox Mar-19-2020

After 8 long years of fantastic dreams by not bringing any of the best action RPGs to the west, Sega has certainly gained some fame after the exclusive Xbox beta of Phantasy Star Online 2, exclusive to Xbox, and will certainly become more popular today turn into. The publisher recently took us on Twitter saying, "We hope this is one of the last few weeks without # PSO2." It is no longer just a dream, Erks. Phantasy Star Online 2 NA Open Beta is coming, and it will be true soon.

Minutes ago, the interactive Twitter_Po2 account permanently dropped one of the best tweets I've seen in 2020 (that's my topic, but if you're reading this you're likely to agree): "The team has been incredibly hard these days worked and we can no longer be Enthusiasm to open servers and welcome our great community into the world of Phantasy Star Online 2, "Fred White, head of the North American Marketing PSO2 TEAM, took part." game episodes 1-3, which represent over three years of comprehensive content updates from the start. We look forward to seeing players in the game on Tuesday! "

At launch, PSO2 includes episodes 1 to 3, representing three years of content, balance and quality of life updates.

February's Sega Tweet played when there was no major rift between Phantasy Star Online 2 NA Open Beta and actual launch ("One of the last few weeks without PSO2"), so March 17, 2020 at 5:00 PM PDT can mark the end of operations Sleep after trying a tragically short and narrowly limited beta.

But what about other platforms? Xbox Phil Phil Spencer is optimistic about Crossplay and has repeatedly stated that PSO2 NA will come to another platform. Microsoft has played a key role in bringing the game to land, but it's time-limited. I have no doubt that the second platform to be launched will be the PC (all confirmed), but Sega and Microsoft are holding the cards by their boxes on this device. Keep your eyes open. "This week will be a busy day," says Sega.

When can you download it?

If you're playing closed beta on Xbox, you don't need to download a new version of PSO2; all it takes is a patch. So if you're still installed, you can feed the Mine Hunger Advisory Group much earlier.

However, Sega said that new players can start downloading PSO2 on March 16 from 10:00 PDT.

If you're impatient, you can get to know the huge PSO2 systems, the huge amount of weapons and items and class-specific mechanics by jumping to the Japanese server now - but play in English.

It's still hard for me to resist, but for now I'm going to resist the open beta. We are only a week away, Arks!