Phantasy Star Online 2 will have many vacation projects after December 9th Dec-11-2020

Phantasy Star Online 2 has been integrated into this year. In other words, after the maintenance work ends on December 9, 2020, the sport will have many holiday projects. Upon completion, you will start to see PSO2 Christmas characters, decorations and PSO2 Meseta. According to Sega’s official update, there are eight things to look forward to.

Some actions will provide you with a chance to get themed rewards. Naverius’ tundra will host an ice and snow Christmas event, allowing up to 12 people to spend 10 minutes fighting against the enemy to obtain mission points and weapons, such as the Smash Launcher Ticia, Smash Spear Epitimia Partisan, Silent Tree Sword, Shaval Ueber Sword and Shavalmelm wand.

If you help Xia complete the "Merry Xia Naverius Tundra" mission, you will get Omega Cockatrice Head accessories, Snowman Cannon Launcher weapon camouflage and Rising Weapons Badge5. Santa Rappy has eight kinds of Rappy suits, such as Santa Rappy suits and gift bag charms. Santa Umbra may have a Santa Soiree Jet Boots weapon camouflage, Santa Umbra cane stick weapon camo or Umbra cane stick that suits you.

Finally, some of these PSO2 Christmas decorations are just decorative. Franca's coffee shop was renamed Snowky Ski Chalet this season. You will also see festive trees, lights and textures in the shopping plaza. In addition, if you listen to Quna's shopping plaza concert, you will see her wearing Santa-style singing and dancing clothes and "Eternal Encore".

Phantasy Star Online 2 is currently used on Xbox One and PCs worldwide. The PSO2 Christmas event will continue until January 2021.