Phantasy Star Online 2 will be updated with free episode 5 content on September 30 Sep-17-2020

Tokyo, September 16, 2020 – Sega announced today that its free fantasy game Phantasy Star Online 2 (World) will receive a free update of episode 5 content on September 30.

Fred White of PSO Team Global said: "After watching the fourth episode in August, this is the next chapter in the history of Phantasy Star Online 2." "Discussions are ongoing. Including new exploration areas, enemy attacks, new equipment (called "Buster Quests"), and higher level caps for players to actively participate. We will hold the "Road to Episode 5" event in the game to Help them get started quickly."

In Episode 5, with the help of those players on Earth, the player discovered a mysterious portal leading to another dimension called "Omega". Dreams lead the world. Not technology and science, but the world of swords and magic. The two worlds are different. With the development of history, players will look for similarities between each other. At the same time, a mysterious woman called herself Alma appeared, and she seemed to have information about Omega and (strangely) ARKS.

Episode 5 brings many new information and features, including increasing the player level limit to 90, new ARKS missions and exploration locations, new enemy types, new mission types with PSO2 Meseta, and new events, new seasons Sexual events, new league quarters, etc. There are a lot more. It enhances the level of photon art and technology, and adds other photon art, technology and battle arena weapons.

To celebrate the update of the story, "Phantasy Star Online 2" kicked off today from the "Road to Episode 5" event. Players can join the game at the price of 9/16-9/29 and have a chance to get up to 3,500,000 EXP. Up to 300 SG rewards and value-added transfer passes. A competition was also announced: "Reach the Road to Episode 5 Giveaway on Twitter and Facebook Awards." Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will receive a free Lillipan suit and Arkuma suit as part of the episode 5 update bonus.

Phantasy Star Online 2 players will be invited to participate in online activities, explore multiple worlds with your friends, and experience the unparalleled action combat and character customization of PSO2. Choose from four unique races and nine classes. Players can join forces with up to 11 customers at a time and experience unforgettable battles and boss fights.

The world version of Phantasy Star Online 2 includes localized English text and character voices. In addition to the initial release of the original PSO2 story, the global version also highlights the balance and quality of life guaranteed by Japanese services. Players can play one of the many casino mini-games, relax in the Alliance Quarters, participate in the new ARKS League competition or participate in a brand new live performance event. Take a break from exploring. Since the game can be played across platforms, they can complete all these tasks with friends on PC and Xbox One.