Phantasy Star Online 2 website has been updated Nov-07-2020

Although Nier: Automata has a history of 3 years, but in its character lineup, these still cross other games countless times. The latest game with 2B, 9S and A2 (or at least their cosmetics) is Phantasy Star Online 2, although it costs money.

You can get a full set of cosmetics including clothes, hair, weapons, and accessories for the Nier robot, but each character needs to purchase a separately $35 suit. You can use Emil's head as part of the 9S kit, and the A2 kit also Including the head of the wearable machine life form.

Neil: The popular character of automata is no longer in the game. The most discussed battle game "Soul Sword Soul 6", the mobile game "Final Fantasy Brave Exvius" and the now obsolete Monster Hunter Frontier Z can all use 2B. In the list compiled on Reddit, 9 games appeared in the case of 2B, and the PSO2 package brought it to 10 games.

With Nier: Both Automata and PSO2 are published by Square Enix, this merger means that it is not clear how many fans will invest more than $100 for the entire device. PSO2 regularly hosts cross-border events with other games, including packages that have recently added Persona items and characters.

The Phantasy Star Online 2 website has been updated to include lengthy comments from the developers to inform the community about actions taken against "dishonest behavior" in the game. Between September 25th and October 15th, more than 10,000 game accounts were permanently banned from participating in real money transactions (RMT). Since the launch of the game, the developers have banned 31,000 accounts in total.

PSO2 prohibits the use of signed contracts for physical transactions after the game starts. The selected virtual items and PSO2 Meseta are usually purchased by players on third-party websites.

We know that RMT may have a significant impact on the in-game economy, such as "items that cannot be purchased due to inflation". Since this will cause trouble for many players, please refrain from participating in these actions.