"Phantasy Star Online 2" released a new mission "Boundary Mission" update Jan-21-2021

The "Phantasy Star Online 2" update was released in January, adding a lot of new content, including a brand new mission "Boundary Mission". There are also new mandatory new urgent tasks related to Valentine's Day activities. Yes. There is a Valentine's Day party.

Split tasks are new subtasks found in the task counter. The mission includes 35 ranked stages, each stage needs to be completed with an S rank before the player can move on. As you try each stage, allow the player to choose between two different actions with different goals. Completing goals can earn points for ranking. The higher the level, the better the loot. Please also note that the mission’s life system is limited. The player starts with ten lives. If they are all used up before the operation is completed, the operation fails. The good news is that, just like playing games in school, you can win more lives in playing.

As mentioned earlier, Valentine’s Day celebrations start today and bring an urgent task of "Where are the chocolates?" The player must eliminate the troublemaker and destroy the holiday celebration. Like all holiday parties, ARKS ships in the shopping plaza (which can be used for weddings, fashion shows, etc.), chocolates, flowers and all common Valentine's Day decorations are properly arranged and decorated with a heart-warming stage. Of course, there are also Rappies. Lovestruck Rapp and Emperappy. There are some sweet new things in them.

Players can also take on some Valentine's missions and get some weapon camouflage, furniture and cute Mag Evolution equipment.

For users who are new to the content of Episode 6, Sega has launched a new Deluxe Pack player, you may want to check it out. The price of the new package is $45 and includes PSO2 Meseta currency, consumables, promotional items, enhancements and cosmetics. Of course, there are some new login rewards, enhanced activities and other activities to help players master equipment.