Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Perfect and big upgrade Apr-06-2021

I have been a fan of the "Phantasy Star" series since the 90's, when I was a kid playing solo JRPG on my Sega Genesis. In fact, Phantasy Star IV is still one of my favorite RPGs of all time. Needless to say, I’m very happy to learn that "Phantasy Star Online 2" only has the exclusive rights in Japan for eight years. After only one year after finally being released in the West, we have obtained more brand new "Phantasy Stars". Online" content.

According to the title, "Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis" definitely sounds like a derivative product, expansion product or next-generation product, especially because the title still carries the number "2". Actually, none of these are, it's something bigger, but technically speaking, it's not a sequel.

Whole new world

PSO2: NGS will coexist with PSO2 (including the cross-play function from PC to Xbox), and even allows you to inherit characters, certain items and skins, instead of the actual character's growth and level. They will be interrelated, but still independent games, and the entire PSO2 will undergo a large-scale engine update and graphics overhaul to keep it at the same level as NGS when it starts. Previously, Sega had described these games as coexisting in a "dual universe", if there was any reason.

Now, take a look: I can’t speak or read Japanese, but that didn’t stop me from playing Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Closed Beta Test last month. Logging in to the VPN fooled the idea of ??the game, created a Japanese SEGA ID, and combined the phone’s camera with real-time Google Translate, and I was able to explore it by logging in, patching, and making characters. After that, the language barrier was not bad.

When PSO2: NGS was released, I really hope that this story will be more focused than regular PSO2. In my review last year, one of my main complaints about the game was how to isolate all the narratives into the instantiated dialogue you clicked, which will definitely not affect the entire game. In fact, you can ignore the story and repeat tasks and urgent tasks. Setting it as optional is a good practice, but I really want to put in more effort to promote the rich, diverse and fascinating world of the display.

Since NGS is a completely open world game, it has great potential. In PSO2, all content is broken down into tiny instances and areas, and a loading screen is established between all the content-even in this way the various parts of the city where the ship is located are separated. But in NGS, I don't remember ever seeing the loading screen when traveling on the main open world map, or even when I was in and out of the city or changing regions. It's completely seamless.

Once, I climbed to the highest point on the top of the cliff in the canyon area of ??the map, jumped off the edge, and slid back to the city. It took me two or three minutes to wander that far, but there is no endurance limit, so I can only enjoy the scenery and ride. Few MMOs have such an open world.

Anime action

In addition to the visual effects and open design, the most variable part of the game in NGS is the battle. In PSO2, its pace is very fast, it feels a bit like Devil May Cry, although a bit slow, but NGS can definitely meet the speed and intensity you expect after watching the trailer. This is one of the few MMO games I have ever played. The actual gameplay almost perfectly matches the movie trailer, and it is absolutely flashy and beautiful, which is eye-catching.

I tried three of CBT's six classes (you can switch and upgrade another class for free at any time), and surprisingly, this gun-style remote DPS class is the most interesting. Its abilities are extremely smooth and fluid, so you can easily maintain high-speed movements while running and sprinting around the battlefield and continuously firing at the enemy. Usually, I play melee games in MMO, so Hunter is my first choice, and it feels like Monster Hunter’s Greatsword about the world’s most effective steroids. I tried Force, which is a remote magic course, but for me, the progress of the offense is too slow.

The disadvantage of the NGS distance course is that it is a goal-based game, so you don't have to physically target the attack. You only need to select the enemy closest to the target and release your abilities. The downside is that PSO2 Meseta its proficiency is significantly reduced, but the downside is that the battle is always going on slowly. The verticality of the area and the diversity of the scenery keep me moving forward because I want to try and explore as much as possible in the short game time.