Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis: Knowledge about the Brave Aug-14-2021

The Braver class finally returns in PSO2: New Genesis. Although it feels the same, there are some changes to make the class more balanced. The difference is that it does not surpass other professions in the game, but plays an equal role to them. The basics of it are still there, but there are some new skills in the new NGS package, and even as a subcategory, it is great.

This is the first major update of NGS. Although it does not add a lot of content, the PSO2 NGS Meseta new courses are always worth looking forward to. What follows is new career missions and more story development, which may be established on the road in the future. The next major update will be launched in the fall, including new events and mechanisms, as well as bodyguard careers.


Braver is a melee and ranged class that uses bows and arrows and katana. It mainly relies on evasion and parry, but there are also some good photon technologies that can be used for single or multiple targets. Depending on the weapon used, the game style will change. Katana fast-paced, fast PA and all about understanding the enemy's attack to parry and counterattack. They are not as fierce as other melee classes, but that's because the brave have a faster attack speed and have some interesting combination options. Due to the nature of the NGS world, they are not as mobile as their predecessors. In PSO2, the katana warrior can fly over the map immediately. Since NGS is an open world game, this feature has been removed.

On the other hand, Braver's bow gained better maneuverability and operated faster than before. Like other PAs, the charging speed of the bow and arrow is much faster, and its homing ability has always been suitable for the open world of NGS. As with other classes, not all PAs are available, such as Rapid Fire, but the basics are there, including a new automatic aiming, which will run for a while as long as Braver locks on the target. Like many long-range attackers, the bow's damage is not high, but its role is not just the assault rifle and the TMG itself.


Since PSO2, some Braver skills have changed, but the core gameplay remains the same. The counterattack skill of the katana makes them more powerful, and a new shock wave skill is added, which can cause damage to surrounding enemies when counterattack-this is a useful skill in melee situations. There is also a new skill called Brave Combat, which reduces the PP cost of PA and makes it easier to cause damage to bows and katana, even though it has a long cooldown. This can be reduced by another skill called Brave Combat Short Cycle, but it will also reduce the activation time of this skill. Whether you choose it or not, Brave Combat is a useful skill to use when the boss rests and knocks down enemies. Bows have their tracer arrows, which can return the shooting, and another skill called bow dodge can make the bow counterattack when performing perfect dodge.

As a sub-class, Braver has some good melee recovery skills, such as Breakfall HP Gain and Mighty Guard to recover HP and PP. However, you can get these counterattacks by using multiple weapons with katana to take full advantage of this subcategory. The bow is also very useful for professions like rangers, because the bow can cause good damage and can be used well with withered bullets to actually cause some damage.

Game skills

Counterattack is the main gimmick of this course. It does have some good PA moves and combinations, but using it may require some skills, not only rotation, but also general game skills. As a brave man, you need to understand how to read enemy attacks and master the perfect timing of dodge and block, instead of smashing the attack button and moving to the side in advance. This is the only way to get the counter and combination correctly to avoid the damage gap.

Players can also choose to use a weapon as before, but to make full use of Braver, it is best to use both a bow and a katana. Together, they can fill in these gaps and help adapt to the right situation. They have made a great multi-weapon that can really help you master this course.