Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is an interesting new way to solve the problem Jul-28-2020

The game Phantasy Star Online 2 can make people addicted for several hours, but I refuse to be asked if I can start playing games. With a wide range of defined functions, MOO needs hack-n-slash battles and satisfactory running-in at this time. However, my love for PSO2 is under pressure, which is unacceptable. On the Xbox Games Showcase last week, Sega launched "Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis", which shocked the entire community. From the outside, "New Genesis" is an interesting new way to solve these problems.

This is why "New Genesis" is so confusing. After all, this free MMO free game is a perfect PSO2 game. There are new engine variants, a complete combat system configuration system, not just the strict corridor level of PSO2. At the same time, Sega also revealed that the two MMOs work together. The PSO 2 series can be freely exchanged between the old version and the new Genesis, thus saving more PSO2 Meseta and achieving the same progress. PSO 2 will continue to receive upgrades, but the two are the same because they will receive newly created upgraded photos.

There are still many questions about how it works. There is no doubt why Sega decided to break down the MMO into a separate set game, but I will remain optimistic because the opportunity is obvious.

PSO2 is 8 years old, but I still hold a positive attitude and hope that more MMOs can check. The real attraction already exists, and it will always be difficult to overcome. In very serious cases, improper behavior can lead to death. The nine steps include a soldier with a gun (turning the game into a third-person shooter) and a defender (flying with a strong ball). It is interesting to learn many classroom skills and how they work. The photo may be out of date, or the steps may be slightly different. PSO2 is to kill things.

Large new environments and more detailed characters are fine, but if New Genesis cannot solve the core problem of isolating PSO2 to maintain excellent performance, it will be too troublesome.

Therefore, for the 8-year-old MMO, there are still some excellent products that need to be repaired. Manufacturers such as Bungie and Gearbox continue to place "robbing caves" in appropriate places to protect players from fraud, but PSO 2 has become an amazing mini game. It is very important that a special event is triggered by killing a sufficient number of monsters and gatherings. It speeds up the spawning of some monsters and increases their chances of discarding rare items. If the group immediately refuses to kill the newborn, it will not be easy and the action time will increase. It encourages players to work together, and the rewards for murder and looting are unlimited. Once I went to a party and waited for 15 minutes before going to the party. Like a group of robbers.

However, these components of PSO 2 are completely different in age and the extent of improvement of this assumption. Thumbnail images are acceptable, but they will not block the menu or standard search process.

PSO 2 is an exquisite game that allows you to adjust the colors of different settings, increase complexity, and collect menu data overnight when using a controller or keyboard. Whether you are using a controller or a keyboard, the windows I use are very concealed, and you rarely see this experience in the location you expect. For new players, this is a nightmare, making joining the party easier and more confusing. I am not aware of any other options in the party search menu.

However, the worst part is inventory. PSO2 acquired its DNA in a "demon" action RPG. This is because the enemy has lost a lot during the deployment process. Although many devices are useless (when the device crashes or advertises or sells other devices), not all methods of supply or sale are easy. First, I need to find a looted item to find the loot number, and since I can only search for 40 items, I always wanted to send it directly to the vault, so next time I don’t have a clip, I can check it out Devil's Great Menu has always been a problem, and it has affected almost every aspect of PSO2 in some way.