Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis begins closed beta testing in Japan Dec-17-2020

Online Phantasy Star 2: New Genesis, an improved version of PSO2, will begin closed beta testing in Japan from late January to early February 2021. Two tests will be conducted, the first is specifically for the current PSO2 player, SEGA is focusing on obtaining 50,000 applicants.

You can now open the application on the website, although you must live in Japan to qualify.

At this moment, we plan to conduct a closed beta test of "PSO2: NGS" starting in early 2021. "PSO2:NGS" is set in the open area. Although you can really feel the "connection of the world" and "the growth of the world", the concept of "PSO2" is "infinite adventure", and the "biggest peak of activity" is online RPG and "ultimate". Name the places where you can have fun in the evolution of "character development".

In the Beta test, you will experience a simple game system that includes restricted elements in the materials planned to be sent at the beginning of the official service. The purpose is to reflect the modification and adjustment of this specification, to answer everyone's opinions and requirements, and to enhance the questions in the testing process before the official service starts.

Characteristics. Even if the "PSO2:NGS" service is started.

In addition, "PSO 2: NGS" also provides coexistence with "PSO 2", and users who are playing "PSO2" will have no problem. I believe that being able to play content is also very important.

Therefore, we plan to try two elements. First, we will invite individuals who have played "PSO2" for the first time to participate. You may encounter game expertise brought by character information copied from the ongoing "PSO2" server. (Some information may not be copied in the closed beta test)

Then, next time, we will recruit all employees, and all participants will experience the game by creating new characters. Therefore, we plan to use almost exactly the same content in the initial test and the second test, except that the character information is copied from the operation "PSO2", and the PSO2 Meseta specifications will be different according to the results of the initial test. Please note that this adjustment was not reflected the second time. (Very urgent issues will be resolved in the second time)

After two closed Beta evaluations, the specification changes and adjustment policies based on the evaluation results will be announced on the official broadcast and player website in the future, and will be disclosed in the official service release and subsequent upgrades.