"Phantasy Star Online 2: New Century" released a 4K introduction video Jun-03-2021

SEGA is scheduled to launch the Japanese and international multiplayer action online game "Phantasy Star Online 2: New Century" (Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis / ファンタシースター) on PS4/Nintendo Switch/PC and other platforms from PSO2 Meseta June 9th.オンライン 2 ニュージェネシス (referred to as: PSO2: NGS), as the release date is announced, the official release of the latest introduction video about 6 and a half minutes for players to enjoy.

This time "PSO2: NGS" is a new series of games that completely refreshes the previous "PSO2" game system and graphics. The game will be based on the time of "PSO2" after a millennium. Players will fight against a new kind of enemy "Dolls" as members of the "Arks". At the same time, in addition to allowing players to customize the appearance and characteristics of their characters, the game will also provide the starting six major occupations (freely switch the main and deputy positions) and up to 12 kinds of weapons for players to choose to use, and with their friends in this vast world Launch a new refreshing action combat adventure journey.

As for the film that will be released this time, in addition to introducing the profession for the debut of the game, there will also be a worldview background and debut NPC, four-race character creation, an open world with unlimited adventure, and the ability to sprint or go at a high speed. High-speed moving wilderness actions, adventure battles with up to 32 people, enhancement of weapons and props, collection and synthesis of materials, powerful enemies whose attack power changes with the day and night weather, as well as emergencies and emergency missions in the world, etc. Adventure content, so that players can be more familiar with the game features of this game before the game is released!

In addition, this work will also launch a joint collaboration with the Japanese music group "Zutomayo" (ずとまよ/It’s always a good night.). Interested players can also follow the official follow-up to further release.