Phantasy Star Online 2 episode 5 wait is over Oct-04-2020

Episode 5 finally appeared in Phantasy Star Online 2. You will be excited about a large number of new features, new level caps and classes to experience them.

The wait for episode 5 of Phantasy Star Online 2 is over. This is a new story, and the new story is changing with the development of updated features. For a while, Sega has been stimulating the next stage of the game with PSO2 Meseta and rewards, but now there is more.

Episode 5 seems to be very different from Episode 4 because it is a new experience and has a higher ceiling (up to 90). This is the interesting part of episode 5 of PSO2 and why you will come back if you are tired of fighting with ships.

This is the first generation of scion class. Unlike regular courses, the requirements to unlock Scions take a lot of time, and the game schedule is different. To play the hero, you must have 75 lessons in two levels before you can talk to Kofi to unlock it.

The role of the hero is different from what we have seen before. It cannot be used as a subclass, nor can it have subclasses, so using it means using only heroes. But he has a pretty good arsenal and can effectively use swords, dual machine guns and amulets. You can use these weapons, but as long as the three weapons are combined into a devastating combo, the category will glow. Since the last new lesson, there will also be a new hero character who can help you and provide you with new tasks to practice with.

New features have been added; however, you need to read it to unlock any of them. Dark Blast enables players to transform into one of four Dark Falz, such as Hyunal or Angel, in a limited time, with special equipment and firepower. It looks like a photon shock wave, but because it takes other forms, it leaves a deep impression. Just use them to upgrade these forms, and you can spend a little money to improve the skills of each form.

Episode 5 leaves the earth and returns to the ARKS universe. At the end of the third episode, Persona is trapped in the dark time loop of the abyss, and you and Matoi try to make Persona stand out. An anomaly occurs and you find yourself in a new world called Omega. The world is in a black hole. The old and new characters are fighting corruption again. Omega considered fantasy in its design. There are castles, dragons, siege missions and kingdoms. They are all surrounded by things called magic, but players will recognize them as photons. This sounds like another detour from the adaptation of the first three episodes, but it returns to the Oracle-related events, and much of the knowledge in it has been explained. Just find the answer through the story.

The Nemesis mission is an important part of the fifth episode. Many combat missions in this story are used as mechanisms. This new mission will also appear in your mission counter and can be completed with an eight-player multi-party game. They are like "apprentice emergency missions" where players must work together to defend against enemy towers. However, there are many new mechanisms that make it as fresh as a siege. After protecting the tower, weapons need to be deployed and protected to destroy the castle at the other end of the field. Once destroyed, everyone must report to the boss-the castle itself. With the establishment of "Xtreme Agents", their levels will gradually become more challenging. Of course, new tasks mean new projects,

Episode 5 has a lot of new content to release players, and the story is back to center on ARKS and fight Dark Falz. In addition to all these exciting new features, new projects and temporary bills have also been released, and new "emergency tasks" will be brand new in PSO2.