Phantasy Star Online 2 Chapter 6 update includes new plot missions Feb-07-2021

Sega has launched a new MMORPG content update. Phantasy Star Online 2 Chapter 6 update includes new plot missions, PSO2 Meseta items, season 13 group pass, scratch ticket collection, and new scion gloss category. Those who are looking for a challenge can reach level 100 and face new difficulty levels.

This latest category is dedicated to high-speed combat. Gunblades can only be equipped, and the player can unlock at least level 75 in the other two categories. When playing as a PSO2 Scion Lustre Class, players will be able to switch between the fighting styles of Zadi, Fomel and Baran. These three combat options are activated by equipping different elemental enhancement weapons. Zandi (Zandi) has agile style and is good at using emotional attack areas, while Fomel and Baran styles are geared towards melee and defense respectively.

In terms of ability, the "Scoion Luster" will be combined with the "Dodge Shot" weapon action, which provides temporary invincibility and enhances the action. Use enhanced movements by consuming the focus of the shiny blade.

In addition, the Chapter 6 update of PSO2 introduces Chapter 6 into the sixth episode of the game. Super difficulty has also been added to two different emergency missions. Completing "Vicious Void" or "Void Summoning" in the new difficulty options will reward players with weapons, armor and fragments.

Phantasy Star Online 2 has been available on PC and Xbox One worldwide. Japanese players can also access Nintendo Switch games and PlayStation 4 Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, which will be a restart and sequel feature at the same time, Phantasy Star Online 2, currently scheduled to be released in 2021.