Phantasy Star Online 2 attracted millions of players this year Aug-27-2020

Phantasy Star Online 2 became more and more popular after it was converted to English this year and launched in Western markets earlier. MMORPG games have attracted millions of players, and there are celebrations of acne to celebrate.

A statement posted on the official website said: "The darkness of the abyss has been eliminated, and ARKS headquarters would like to thank many operators." "Given that the third episode of more than 1 million ARKS' achieved Fleet Oracle's goal, there are actually many things." You still don’t know everything, don’t worry, it means that one million people have registered and played free MMO games, and have enough time to be regarded as real legitimate players.

In the past six months, MMO has continued to develop globally and its strength has also continued to increase. It was initially released on Xbox One and PC in North America, then released in Europe and the rest of the world in August this year, and is now available for free on Steam. As the community quickly attracted nearly 20,000 players, a large part of the community is waiting for the release of Steam.

From August 19th. Until the end of August 26, some PSO2 Meseta will be issued, and will be given double XP every day, and double rare items will be dropped. Rare enemies are generated twice, and 100,000 XP coupons can be obtained when logging in every day.

Of course, help is free, but there is no doubt that using Phantasy Star Online 2 on multiple platforms is essential. It is available on many platforms such as Steam, Windows Store, and Xbox One, and has extended functions so that you can track accounts and statistics no matter where you play.

An independent expansion Phantasy Star Online 2, a new Genesis: Phantasy Star Online 2 self-expansion is 2021. You can find PSO2 on Steam.