Notes on Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Fall Event Sep-11-2021

Autumn is approaching, and to celebrate, Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis will host the second in-game event ever. The autumn seasonal activities are underway and have improved since the PSO2 NGS Meseta summer, adding more completions and gains. It also coincides with Sega’s Sonic Collaboration Campaign, so there is now even more reason to jump into the game to get a lot of bonuses, new items and new content.

Sega announced that this event will be divided into two parts, which means that the mission will be changed later this month to provide players with new goals. This event and the Sonic cooperation event are just the beginning of more content in New Genesis. With the arrival of the bodyguard class and the possibility of Halloween events, there is still a lot to do before the main story update coming this winter.

Currently, Sandy is back to Central City dressed in holiday attire to provide players with a seasonal mission to defeat marked enemies. This time it expands to Gigantix enemies who provide a large number of seasonal points, and Gigantix Nex Vera has entered the field. There are many missions to kill other enemies that are a good way to earn Meseta and seasonal points.

These points are the currency of these activities and can be consumed in Sandy. Like last time, she has new stickers, some new accessories and new element weapons for players to buy. These elemental weapons are based on ice and are a good addition, because elemental weapons are usually not found in New Genesis. After obtaining these main items, there are also enhancement items and star gems that can be used to consume points.

In addition, there is another new task that may be planned to be included in the 9th anniversary event. If you are near Central City, you may have noticed holographic stars hidden around; this time, it is a small red holographic shrine. Players must explore this city to find all 10, and this time it is not just the central city. The larger world outside has changed the trees, and players will encounter new weather effects with leaves fluttering in the wind. However, this is only part of the celebration, so please enjoy it while the event is in progress-you may even see some fancy Rappies.

There is also a new AC Scratch associated with the event, suitable for those who want to truly enter the season in temple-style clothing. There are also a lot of new daily tasks and weekly tasks to complete, they will get a lot of points and Meseta, this is a good time to join. Once the second part of the event drops, there will be new missions available, so please keep an eye on this. New Genesis has a lot to do now, so now is a good time for new and old fans to enjoy the game.